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Breads Vienna Round Mountain French Scala, Small & Large Rolls Plain {talian Sub Rolls Twisted Finger Rolls Seeded Egg Rolls Coffee Cakes Blueberry * Apple « Cranberry (in season) Danish Muffins Lemon Apple Raspberry Blueberry Figure Eights Com Cheese ‘Cranberry (én season) Raisin Pumpkin (in season) Blueberry Apple ‘Sticky Buns & Cinnamon Sticks Danish Ring Blueberry * Apple * Cherry Cookies Tualian Macaroons Almond Bars Pralines Champagne Seeded Greek Lemon Bowties Butter Cookies Apple Butter * Anise * Chocolate Biscotti Available in trays of 3 Ibs. or more. Raspberry Bowties Festive Cookies Gingerbread Man Lollipop Cookies Oatmeal Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies Sugar Cookies Special Holiday Items Thanksgiving Pies Apple Squash Custard Mince Pumpkin Blueberry Lemon Meringue Ricotta Christmas Gingerbread Houses Mostaccolli Stollen Fuuit Cake St. Patrick's Day Irish Bread Easter ‘Tarrlli Proscuitto Pie Easter Bread Strufoli Hot Cross Buns St. Josephs Day Zeppoles Fot Cross Buns Turnovers Apple * Raspoerry Squares Slices Apple Apple Lemon Belmont Fig Ricotta Pie Apricot Cheesecake Dutch Apple (ew York Sapte) Spice Additional Items Apple Strudel Brownies Brownies w/Cocomut Chocolate Layer Cake Chocolate Cake Roll Raspberry Cake Roll Gold Layer Cakes Cupeakes Jelly Rolls Elephant Ears Half Moons Elmo Pretzel Cookie Monster TV Snacks Dipped Whoopie Pie Raspberry Strudel, Small Lemon Meringue Tart ‘Lemon o Raspberry Patty Shell Lemon and Raspberry Mocha Cake Guarine aap 1-781-769-4198 1-781-762-9586 Hours Monday - Closed ‘Tuesday thru Saturday 8:00am = 6:00pm Sunday 8:00am - 1:30pm 865 Washington Street - Norwood, MA 02062 We accept MC + Visa + Discover Cakes for all occasions Cakes Rum Three layers of sponge cake soaked in rum flavor (non-alcoholic), filled with a gold custard, chocolate custard and strawberries in the ‘middle! Finished with your choice of frosting with nuts on the sides, or fresh whipped crearn with peaches and cherries on top. Whipped Cream The Gold cake is layered with strawberries and. fresh whipped cream, then topped with fresh whipped cream, cherries and peaches. The Chocolate cake is layered with peaches and fresh whipped exeam, then topped with fresh whipped cream, cherries and peaches. We use 100% Heavy Whipped Cream Frosted ‘Tivo layers of luscious cake — your choice of Gold, Chocolate, White or Marble filled and frosted with White, Buttercream or Chocolate frosting, These cakes do not contain fruit. White and Marble cakes are 12" or larger and must be ordered one week in advance. Cake 8" round serves 10-12 people 9" round serves 12-16 people serves 16-20 people serves 20-30 people serves 30-40 people 14" round serves 50-60 people Half sheet serves 30 people Fill sheet serves 60 people Whole sheet serves 90 people with half on top Double Whole sheet serves 120 people Specialty Cakes Rum Log Carrot 7” Strawberry Short Cake Peach Short Cake Chocolate Raspberry Torte Chocolate Torte Chocolate Delight Roman Torte Black Forest Tiramisu Boston Cream Pie Cheesecake New York Style Plain or choice of toppings Strawberry * Blueberry * Pineapple * Cherry Small 8" Medium 10” Large 12” approx 3 lbs. approx 5 Ibs. approx 7-8 Ibs. Pies Banana Cream Chocolate Cream Apple Ricotta Blueberry CustardLemon Meringue Mince (in season) Squash (in season) Pumpkin (in season) Carrot Cakes are half or whole sheets Paragina Cakes are square 12" and larger Italian & American Pastries Cannoli Rum Slices Cream Puls Rum Logs Eclairs Chocolate Slices Lobster Tail MaryAnns Neapolitan French Hom. Japanese Boat ‘Tiramisu Slices Rum Babas Carrot Cake Squares Bizmark Monaghini Sfogtiatelle Banana Boats Chocolate Tarts Yellow Tarts Apple Turnover (with whipped cream) Mini Pastries Danish Eclairs Italian Pastry American Pastry Cupcakes Cream Pafis Cannoli Mini Pastry Platter Combination of the following: Lemon Tarts Brownies Rum Slices Raspberry Tarts Cream Pats Rum Logs Eclairs ‘Neapolitan Rum Babas Paragina Cannoli Mocha Cake Cupeakes Available in 2, 3 or 4 dozen pieces per platter