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Riversleigh Fossils:

Where is it? Riversleigh Fossils site is in the remote North West Queensland in the tropics of Australia Give details about the fossils? The site provides exceptional examples of middle to late Tertiary mammal assemblages. Extensive fossil deposits are encased in hard, rough limestone, which was formed in lime-rich freshwater pools Discovery of the fossils = altered understanding of Australias mid-Cainozoic vertebrate diversity Remains of a 15 million year old monotremes has provided new information about this highly distinctive group of mammals. Several Tertiary Thylacines have been identifies Placental mammals are represented by more than 35 bat species bat record is the richest in the world Span a record of mammal evolution of at least 20 million years in length, providing the first records for many distinctive groups of living mammals, such as marsupial moles and feather tailed posums, as well as many other unique and now extinct Australian mammals such as marsupial lions Deposits led to an understanding of how the environment has changed over time and how the animals that lived in it have changed too It is one of the worlds richest Oligo-Miocene mammal records, linking that period (15-25 million years ago) to the predominantly modern assemblages of the Pilocene and Pleistocene epochs.