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Translation of PDF Forms to different languages: OPTIONS: 1. SE63 - Standard Translation Environment 2. SO10 - Standard Text Request 3.

ABAP Code SE63 You can either go to transaction SE63 or navigate directly from SFP. The easier way of course is the latter. 1. Inside your form at transaction SFP, Goto>Translation

2. Enter target language translation

3. Double click on the form name. Then copy the source text


4. Once copied, provide the necessary translation of the hard coded words. Make sure no
other changes will occur on the other codes.

SE63 translation however is limited to the texts directly created in the form as TEXT.

SO10 1. Transaction SO10.


3. Create another one for the translation changing the Language parameter this time.

4. Type the translation.


In the Context, create TEXT.

And in the properties of the created text, just below the Context Area, fill out the necessary details.

The text element then is ready to be used in the layout.

ABAP code Though this is not the recommended practice, knowing that this is possible might also help in some requirements.

Form a logic that calls each text symbol for each language.