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The Problems We Face and The Choices We Make QUIZ Name: Date:

You will have 50 minutes to complete this test. Read the directions and the questions carefully. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the teacher! Section 1 Matching Match the term with the definition by writing the letter of the definition on the line beside the appropriate term. Each definition may only be used once. This section is worth 5 marks (1/2 a mark for every correct match). Term Simile Metaphor b) the paragraphs or verses of a poem Personification c) a direct comparison using like or as Alliteration d) the use of words that imitate sounds Onomatopoeia Hyperbole Stanza Oxymoron Irony Symbol e) an implied comparison in which an animal, inanimate object, or an idea is given human qualities f) the repeated use of words that begin with similar sounds g) an implied comparison that does not use like or as h) a word that represents more than itself i)a figure of speech that places opposites together j) complete exaggeration to gain an effect of wonder and surprise Definition a) the use of words to convey a meaning that is opposite of its literal meaning

Section 2 Multiple Choice Circle the letter of the best answer for the following questions. You may only circle one response. This section is worth 5 marks (1 mark for every correct answer). 1. What form of poem uses 3 lines and 17 syllables? a) Concrete b) Haiku c) Limerick d) Diamonte 2. A free verse poem is characterized BEST by which of the following responses? a) The freedom the poet has in expressing emotion and theme b) Its description of two opposite subjects c) The way it tells a story through many stanzas or verses d) Its definite five line format and use of rhythm 3. What form of poem is often sung or recited? a) Diamonte b) Narrative c) Ballad d) Free verse 4. A concrete poem is characterized BEST by which of the following responses? a) The way it deals with the topic of nature b) The way its 7 line shape deals with two subjects c) The way it does not follow any rhythm or rhyme d) The way its letters and words create a visual effect 5. What form of poem describes a subject for 4 lines and then describes a different subject for 4 lines? a) Limerick b) Diamonte c) Haiku d) Concrete

Section 3 Short Answer Write a few sentences in response to the following questions. This section is worth 10 marks (5 marks per question). Write your answers in the blank spaces after the questions. You may choose to use graphic organizers or to simply write a few sentences. Different forms of poems have different effects on the audience. Choose 2 forms of poems that were discussed in class and describe the effects they would have on an audience. (1 mark for identifying two forms of poems, 2 marks for what effects they have on an audience, and 2 marks for providing examples)

1. Certain features of poetry (including poetic terms and poetic forms) can contribute to, or detract from, the overall effectiveness of the poem. You are an audience member at a very serious world conference dealing with the issue of homelessness. The first speaker uses the following poem to voice his opinion on the issue.
I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But Ive bought a big bat. Im all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! ~Dr Seuss

Identify 2 features of this poem that contributed to, or detracted from, the overall effectiveness of the poem. Explain your answer. (1 mark per feature, 3 marks for the explanation)

CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have reviewed your test and are happy with your answers, you may use this page to doodle, create any form of poem or do the word search. You must remain quiet so that your classmates may finish their tests.