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wherein he learnt astrology from his grandfather who knew the entire BPHS by heart. He was first asked to learn by heart the Sanskrit verses of BPHS & then was slowly taught astrology by his grandfather who was his Guru. After 3 years of teaching only BPHS he was then taught Jaimini Sutras by the age of 23. Yenbeeyes is our author’s pen name and he, having retired in 2007, has taken up to the cause of astrology full time and is currently translating Jaimini Sutras into Tamil. Saptarishis Astrology has observed that Shri Yenbeeyes pursues this science with an unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy.

unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy. By Yenbeeyes, India Associate Editor [ Prologue: P.S.Iyer
unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy. By Yenbeeyes, India Associate Editor [ Prologue: P.S.Iyer
unmatched discipline and dedication which is praiseworthy. By Yenbeeyes, India Associate Editor [ Prologue: P.S.Iyer

By Yenbeeyes, India Associate Editor

[Prologue: P.S.Iyer needs no introduction to the old hand. He hailed from Kerala but settled in Tamilnadu in Madurai during his last days. He had authored many books which were all written in Tamil. In spite of best efforts by many volunteers of Saptarishis Astrology, we have not been successful in getting his books. He has also written numerous path breaking articles in Astrological magazines during the 80s. He was specializing in Marriage part of the Astrology. I was fortunate enough to get a very old edition of his book from my mentor. I am presenting this article based on his favourite subject of Astrology Prasna. Yes, he was known as the most brilliant expert of Prasna Astrology. Here he gives some very important clues with regard to marriage through Prasna. Readers, if they have any of his other books may kindly inform us or help us in sending scanned copies. Yenbeeyes]

T he Astrologer to whom a person approaches to find out the matching of a boy and a girl, should create a Prasna Chart and based on the Udaya Lagna (Lagna rising at the time of Prasna) tell the good and bad results for the persons proposed to be

united. The Prasna should be taken up at an auspicious time just as the Muhurtha time for the marriage. There is a basic difference in this. While fixing the Muhurtha for marriage, we ensure that there are no planets in the 7 th house at the time of Muhurta. But in the Marriage Prasna, it is good if benefics are placed in the 7 th house in Prasna Chart.

Normally Vivaha Prasna (Marriage Prashna) is kept based on the name and nakshatra of the boy and the girl. However, it should be taken to be the Prasna relating to the girl. Hence in such a Prasna Chart, the Udaya Lagna represents the girl and the 7 th there from indicate the boy.

On this basis, the characteristics of the boy, his age, his health etc should be stated from the 7 th house and that of the girl from the lagna rising at the time of Prasna.

There is also an alternate way to this. Consider the Lord of Arudha Lagna in the Prasna Chart and on that basis, the girl’s characteristics, her physical features can be stated and from the Lord of the 7 th house from Arudha Lagna, that of the boy. This principle is to be followed only for Marriage Prasna and not for other types of Prasna. This is as per Prasna Marga. The general rule is that whichever is strong out of Lagna or Lagna Lord and on that basis only results must be stated. Whether it is Arudha Lagna or Prasna lagna the same principle is followed.

In Prasna there is a special method of finding the Arudha Lagna. If it is an Ashtamangala Prasna, the Arudha Lagna is indicated by the direction in which the golden coin falls, and in the Yamala Prasna, it depends on the number of conches the queerest takes and gives. In Thamboola Prasna it depends on the number of betel leaves taken. But in Arudha Prasna, it is decided as per general principles which are how many houses the Lagna lord is placed from the Udaya Lagna and an equal number is to be counted from the placement of the Udaya Lagna Lord which will be the Arudha Lagna. For example If Aries is the Udaya Lagna and its Lord Mars is placed in Leo, it is situated 5 houses away from Aries. Hence count 5 houses from Leo which will be Sagittarius and this will be the Arudha Lagna.

Rules As Explained By Late P.S.Iyer

1. If Moon is placed in 10 th , 11 th 3 rd , 7 th or 5 th houses in addition to this if Moon is aspected by Jupiter or if Moon and Jupiter combine in any of these houses, the marriage is likely to happen in the near future. If the Udaya Lagna falls in Taurus or Libra or Cancer and if these are aspected by benefics, marriage will happen quickly.


If Sun is debilitated or Sun is placed in his enemy’s house and aspects the Udaya Lagna or the Arudha Lagna, then at the time marriage of the girl, her father may not be alive. Or on account of certain pressing reasons, he may not be in a position to be present at the time of marriage.

3. Similarly when Moon is bereft of strength (especially Amavasya Moon) or in its debilitation house of Scorpio or eclipsed and aspects the 4 th house and the 4 th house Lord is also bereft of strength, then that girl’s mother may not be alive at the time of marriage or the marriage of that girl might be conducted in the presence of her foster- mother or by the second wife of her father.

Note: There are contradictions in these two rules. Here Sun and Moon have only the 7 th aspect. Elsewhere it is stated that the weak Sun or Moon should not aspect the Udaya lagna as well as the Arudha Lagna at the same time. There are further complications also in this. Moon has no enemy as per Sambandha rules. Hence what is stated above as enemy house should be taken as Tatakalika Sambandha or Temporary friendship only.

4. If Sun, placed in his enemy house or in debilitation, aspects the 7 th house from Udaya Lagna or Arudha Lagna, then the father of the boy may not be alive. Similarly it should be stated for the mother of the boy.

5. If the Prasna Lagna falls in any of the auspicious Lagna as defined in Prasna Marga, marriage will happen very soon and the couple will lead a happy life. Auspicious Lagnas are Lagna if it is aspected by Jupiter or waxing Moon or if they are placed therein they are treated as Auspicious Lagna. If the Lagna Lord is placed in 1 st or 5 th or 9 th and is aspected by benefics without any malefic aspects, then that Lagna will be treated as Auspicious Lagna.

6. If Moon is placed in the 2 nd , 4 th , 5 th , 8 th , 9 th or 12 th houses from Prasna Lagna and is aspected by Mars and/or by such other malefics, the marriage of that girl will have impediments in her marriage due to menstruation or by monthly periods of that girl. But if the Moon is placed in other houses viz, in 1 st , 3 rd , 6 th , 7 th , 10 th or 11 th houses and aspected by a powerful Sun or Jupiter or Venus or blemishless Mercury, marriage will be performed without any hindrances and with happiness.

7. If the Prasna is held in dark half of the Moon (Krishna Paksha) and Moon is placed in an even rasi and aspected by malefics or if Moon aspected by malefics is placed in the 8 th house, there will be hindrances for the marriage.

Note: Here even rasi is the 2 nd , 4 th , 6 th , 8 th , 10 th or 12 th places from the Prasna Lagna. There is another ruling that if the Moon comes in the 8 th house to Prasna Lagna, even if benefic aspects are there, it is doubtful that the marriage will happen.

8. When coming for Vivaha Prasna (Marriage query) if the queerest or his representative touches the right hand or heart or head, marriage will get decided in the near future. If on the other hand he or she touches legs, left hand, knees, backside of the body or the hip, then there will be impediments.

9. If there is an exchange of houses between Lagna lord and the 7 th Lord or if they are in exaltation or in full strength or placed in the house of Adhi Mitra (Good friend) or in own house or in mutual aspects or conjunct in a rasi that marriage will happen early.

Note: There is a differing view to this statement. If the Prasna Lagna lord is placed in his exaltation house and to the 7 th of that house, the 7 th lord from Prasna Lagna is placed, marriage will surely materialize. But for Leo and Aquarius Lagna, Lagna Lords as well as their 7 th Lords if they are conjoined it cannot satisfy this rule. Because if Saturn is exalted in Libra, Sun will get debilitated and vice versa. This should also be borne in mind.

10. If there is an exchange of houses between Lagna Lord and Venus or if one of them is exalted and the other is in the 7 th to the exaltation planet, then also the marriage will happen immediately and with felicity.

11. If Lagna Lord and the 7 th Lord are conjunct and one of them is in debilitation and getting Neecha Banga (Cancellation of debilitation), marriage will be settled all of a sudden and will be happily performed.

Note: A doubt arises if this combination takes places in the 8 th or the 12 th houses. Nothing is stated about that. Only experience will tell.

12. If malefic planets are aspected by other malefics and they are placed in the 8 th house in debilitation or enemy house, due to unforeseen circumstances, marriage will stop. But if they are placed in the 6 th house, either the boy or the girl will become sick or will be subjected to ill health or due to happening of some accident, marriage may not be held.

13. If at the time of Prasna, the queerest sees the mating of a bird or an animal or a snake, then it indicates that the girl has lost her virginity and because of that or on account of such act of the girl the truth will come out and the marriage will be stopped.

14. If in the 6 th house or the 8 th house from Arudha Lagna, a weak Moon is placed along with malefics and in spite of such bad combinations, marriage is performed, then in the 8th year from the date of marriage, both husband and wife will die at the same time. If in the 6 th or the 8 th house from Moon (as stated above), Mars is placed, then in the 3rd or the 6th or the 9th year after the marriage date, the girl will become a widow. Till that time they would not have any progeny. If either in the Prasna Lagna or to its 7 th , Moon and Mars are conjoined, marriage should not be performed. If performed, that girl will become a widow or she will be burnt in fire.

Note: While fixing Muhurtha for marriage, it should be ensured that not a single Dosha or blemish exist out of the 21 stated by authorities. One such Dosha is There should not

be any malefics with Moon. At the time of Muhurta if Moon and Mars are within 1 degree longitude, that marriage will not last long. If such a combination takes place in the house of Venus, there will be divorce on account of husband’s bad behavior. If it is the house of Mercury or Saturn there will be discord in sex and adverse results may come. If it is the house of Sun or Mars, one out of the two will be burnt or will self immolate or will commit suicide. If the combination is in Jupiter’s house, either because of disease or due to taking up poison one of them will die. If it is the house of Moon, the bride will be rejected. This rule which is applicable to Muhurta is also applicable to Prasna.

15. If YamaVenus or the 10 th Lord from the house where YamaVenus is placed if either of them is situated in the 6 th or 8 th or 12 th from Prasna Lagna, the Prasna held for the marriage will not happen. If the natal Venus is placed in the 6 th or 8 th or 12 th house from YamaVenus, marriage will get postponed at the last minute. Add the longitudes of YamaVenus, Lagna Lord and natal Venus and if Mandi or Rahu or Ketu comes in the longitude thus obtained or if any one of them aspect, the result would be that after marriage there will be discord between husband and wife; there will be no happiness and even the sexual activity will be absent.

Notes: An explanation is needed for YamaVenus. It is an upagraha or Subsidiary planet. It is like Yamakantaka rises in day time every day at a particular time. Calculate the difference between the time of sun rise and the rising of YamaVenus and calculate the sputa (degree) and note it as the YamaVenus Sputa. YamaVenus rises as below (Calculated from Sunrise):

[A day consisting of 24 hours or 1440 minutes is equal to 60 Ghatikas and hence 1 Ghatika is equal to 24 minutes]



26 Ghatikas or 26 x 24 = 624 minutes (after Sunrise)



22 Ghatikas or 22 x 24 = 528 minutes



18 Ghatikas or 18 x 24 = 432 minutes



14 Ghatikas or 14 x 24 = 336 minutes



10 Ghatikas or 10 x 24 = 240 minutes



6 Ghatikas or 6 x 24 = 144 minutes



2 Ghatikas or 2 x 24 = 48 minutes

Here you have to add the Sputa (degree) of YamaVenus, Lagna Lord and Natal Venus and in that position (after expunging multiples of 360) if Rahu or Ketu or Mani is placed or aspects is what is stated in the rule. Mandi aspects the 2 nd , 12 th and 7 th houses from its position. Rahu and Ketu will always be 7 houses apart if one is in the above calculated sputa the other will be to its 7 th place. Here it is treated that Rahu and Ketu have no aspect.

16. If Venus and the 7 th Lord are placed in the Upachaya houses (3, 6, 10, 11 th houses) from the Prasna Arudha Lagna, there will be increase in wealth in the house where she goes as in-law after marriage.

Note: This is based on the general principle that if Bhava lord and its karaka are placed in Upachaya houses then the karakatwa is strengthened.

17. If Venus and Moon are placed in an even house and even Navamsa and with full strength if they aspect the Lagna, then that boy will get a beautiful girl with a good character. If Lagna falls in a female Drekkana and its Navamsa is an even rasi and if that Lagna is aspected either by Venus or Moon, then also the boy will get a similar type of girl. [Here Lagna refers to Arudha Lagna.]

18. If benefics are placed either in Lagna Kendra or trikona and if the 7 th house is aspected by benefics, that boy will get a beautiful girl. If the 7 th house happens to be a malefics house, even though the marriage will happen immediately, the girl will be ugly or will have some bodily defect.

Note: Here the benefic house refers to houses owned by Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, their exaltation houses or Sun’s own house. All others are malefic houses. In some books

it is stated that Aquarius is stated to be a benefic house. But majority do not accept this

view. Sarvartha Chinthamani gives details about each Drekkana giving its nature either as

male or female.

19. If in the 7 th place from either Udaya Lagna or Arudha Lagna, any benefic planet other than Venus is placed, marriage will happen soon and after marriage the couple will lead a happy life.

Note: Note here that Venus is not considered as a benefic. Why? That is because Venus being Kalathra karaka (karaka for marriage) placed in the Kalathra Sthana (marriage house) he will destroy the effects of that house based on the general rule that “Karaka Bhava Nasya”. But if such a Venus in the 7 th house is in his own house or exaltation house it will not affect the karakatwa is the opinion of some. If Venus is in the 7 th house alone and has no malefic aspects, such a person will get a beautiful girl as his wife but she will not mind and respect her husband. If malefics have conjoined Venus in the 7 th house or aspected by malefics, marriage will be held in a good manner but the behaviour of such

a wife will depend on the quality of the aspecting planet. If such a Venus (in the 7 th

house) is aspected by Sun, she will be attached to her father’s house and will not give the due respect to her husband or husband’s family. If it is Mars, she will be a hot tempered person and will always be quarrelsome (with her husband) and will oppose her husband for each and every thing. If Mercury aspects Venus, she will be less knowledgeable or there will be no increase of knowledge and if it is Saturn, she will of bad character. Rahu’s aspect will make her indebted financially and also will be drawing her husband in

litigation. Ketu will make her a person without any sexual feelings. Here Mercury is to be treated as malefic only when he is debilitated or combust.

20. If the 7 th lord is in the 6 th house or the 6 th lord is in the 7 th house and the 6 th lord is stronger than the 7 th lord, then due to the disturbance created by the enemies, marriage will come to a standstill.

21. If the Lord of the Badhaka Sthana is placed in the 7 th house or the 7 th lord is placed in the Badhaka house, then due to some black magic marriage will not be held.

Birth Star as well as Dasa of the girl

22. The girl would have been born in the dasa of Udaya Lagna Lord or Arudha Lagna Lord whichever is stronger.

Note: This will be calculated only in the Prasna relating to the boy. The stronger of the 7 th lord from Udaya lagna or the Arudha Lagna can also be taken. The girl would have been born in the dasa of the stronger of these two. The girl would have been born at a distance of miles indicated by the longitude of the planet.

[This has not been stated clearly. The longitude may vary from 1 minute to 360 degree. Are we to conclude that the maximum distance will not exceed 360 miles if we take 1 degree is equal to 1 mile? ]

23. Find out the nakshatra in which Arudha Lagna is placed. That nakshatra or its other Paryayam nakshatras viz. Anujanma or Trijanma nakshatras will be the birth star of the girl.

24. All the above rules are to be decided after assessing the strength of the Udaya and Arudha Lagnas. If both have equal strength, then the basis of decision must be only on Arudha Lagna.

[Two specific rules have been stated by P.S.Iyer in determining the timing of marriage on Vivaha Prasna. I have not covered them in this article, as they involve mathematical calculations and there seems to be some missing link in the explanations given. I am testing those rules and if satisfied I shall write about them with example charts separately.]

explanations given. I am testing those rules and if satisfied I shall write about them with