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The terms of reference for carrying out the work have been defined as follows: to carry out hydro-geological investigations to establish the groundwater occurrence and distribution in the project areas; to analyse all data pertaining to hydrogeology, geology and report thereon; Preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment report and assist in submission and approval of the same by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). Assist in acquisition of groundwater permits from Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA).

The proposed survey sites for drilling of 1 borehole is in Karuri area . 2.0 METHODOLOGY

The following activities should also be included: a) b) c) d) e) f) Data collections and review Hydro-geological investigations Data analysis Reporting EIA Report & Approval by NEMA Permits acquisition from WRMA Data collection and review


Under this activity, the Consultants will compile a full inventory of existing data, reports, documents etc. covering all aspects of groundwater resources in the project area. These will comprise geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, soils, groundwater quality data etc. ACTIVITY B: Hydro-geological and Geophysical Surveys

The geophysical surveys will involve vertical electrical soundings (VES) using Terrameter SAS 300C (or equivalent) to determine the sub-surface layering and depth to the groundwater table.


Data analysis

The data obtained from the field will be interpreted using a computer and appropriate software. The sites will be indicated on the Clients site plan to depict the exact locations using GIS coordinates and where possible on 1:50,000 map. The selected site for drilling will be securely marked on the ground in agreement with the Client. All findings and measurement results from the field will be analysed and synthesized focusing on recommendations for the most suitable drill sites and expected borehole depth and yield. ACTIVITY D: Reporting

The Consultant will provide the Client with the outline of the hydro-geological report for concurrence. Complete report for the site will be submitted to the Client incorporating all the findings, together with conclusions and recommendations with graphics, maps and appendices. The deliverables will be as follows: Report No. 1. Description Due date after signature Inception report and Within one week Hydro-geological report outline Draft hydro-geological reports Draft EIA report Final hydro-geological report Final EIA report Final Project report Within one week contract No. of copies* 3

2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Within one week 3 One week after approval of 3 (additional copies to be draft report by client prepared for submission to NEMA and WRMA) One week after approval of 3 (additional copies to be draft report by client prepared for submission to NEMA and WRMA) One week after submission 3 of final reports, WRMA Permit and NEMA licence.

Note: * all reports (drafts and final) will also be submitted in one CD-ROM in MSWord format and also in PDF format.


Environmental Impact Assessment Report

The consultants shall assist in the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment report for the borehole in line with Environmental Management and Coordination Act (EMCA) 1999 and in a format, number of copies and quality acceptable for the approval by the National Environment Management Authority. The consultants shall facilitate the submission of the EIA reports to NEMA and follow up to the approval and issuance of drilling licence. ACTIVITY F: Water Abstraction Permit acquisition

The Consultants shall assist the Client on documentation and follow-up of groundwater abstraction permits with the Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA). This will include application and follow up to ensure the drilling permit and the water abstraction permits are issued by WRMA.