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ABNORMAL & CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY ..................................................................................... 1 ANTHROPOLOGY ......................................................................................................................... 1 APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY .............................................................................................................. 2 C. G. JUNG ....................................................................................................................................3 CAMBRIDGE .................................................................................................................................3 CLASSICS IN PSYCHOLOGY ..........................................................................................................5 COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE .......................................................................................................5 COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY .......................................................................................................... 6 CONSCIOUSNESS ........................................................................................................................ 9 CRIMINAL & FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY ..................................................................................... 10 CULTURAL & CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY ........................................................................ 11 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY ............................................................................................. 12 DIAGNOSTIC & ASSESSMENT.................................................................................................... 15 DISORDERS ................................................................................................................................ 15 DRUGS PSYCHOLOGY ................................................................................................................ 16 ECONOMIC BEHAVIOUR ........................................................................................................... 17 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY ................................................................................................... 19 EMOTIONS ................................................................................................................................. 19 ERGONOMICS .......................................................................................................................... 20 EVERYDAY PSYCHOLOGY ......................................................................................................... 21 EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY ................................................................................................22 FAMILY & PARENTING ..............................................................................................................23 FAMILY PSYCHOLOGY ...............................................................................................................25 GENDER PSYCHOLOGY ............................................................................................................ 26 HANDBOOK AND ENCYCLOPEDIA ........................................................................................... 26 HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY ...............................................................................................................27 HUMAN SOCIAL TECHNOLOGY ............................................................................................... 28 INTRODUCTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY ......................................................................................... 28 JACQUES LACAN ...................................................................................................................... 29 LEADERSHIP .............................................................................................................................. 30 LINGUISTIC PSYCHOLOGY ........................................................................................................ 30

MUSIC & PSYCHOLOGY ............................................................................................................. 31 NEUROSCIENCE ......................................................................................................................... 31 ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY ............................................................................................ 33 PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY.....................................................................................................35 PHILOSOPHY ..............................................................................................................................35 POLITICAL PSYCHOLOGY .......................................................................................................... 36 PSYCHIATRY ............................................................................................................................. 38 PSYCHODRAMA ........................................................................................................................ 39 PSYCHOPATHOLOGY ................................................................................................................ 39 RANDOM ................................................................................................................................... 39 RESEARCH METHODS ............................................................................................................... 40 SEX .............................................................................................................................................. 41 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY ............................................................................................................... 41 SOCIETY AND PSYCHOLOGY .................................................................................................... 43 SPECIAL NEEDS ......................................................................................................................... 44 STATISTICS ................................................................................................................................ 46 THERAPY AND COUNSELING ................................................................................................... 47 PSEUDOSCIENCE ...................................................................................................................... 49 PSYCHO BIOGRAPHY ............................................................................................................... 50 PSYCHOANALYSIS ..................................................................................................................... 51

Abnormal & Clinical Psychology (Files: 26)

Elsevier - Normal and Abnormal Fear and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents (2007).pdf Guilford - Attachment Theory and Research in Clinical Work with Adults (2009).pdf Marcell Dekker - Substance Abuse in the Mentally and Physically Disabled (2001).pdf Minnesota Press - Psychedelic White, Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race (2007).pdf Praeger - Bleeding to Ease the Pain, Cutting, Self-Injury, and the Adolescent Search for Self (2007).pdf Praeger - Mental Disorders of the New Millennium Vol.1-3 (2006).pdf Praeger - Subtle Suicide - Our Silence Epidemic of Ambivalence about Living (2009).pdf Praeger - The Praeger International Collection on Addictions Vol.1 (2009).pdf Praeger - The Praeger International Collection on Addictions Vol.2 (2009).pdf Praeger - The Praeger International Collection on Addictions Vol.3 (2009).pdf Praeger - The Praeger International Collection on Addictions Vol.4 (2009).pdf Praeger - The Praeger International Collection On Addictions, Volume 1 Faces of Addiction, Then and Now (2009).pdf Praeger - Wounded Innocents and Fallen Angels, Child Abuse and Child Aggression (2003).pdf Psych Press - Abnormal Psychology (2001).pdf Routledge - State of the Art, In Clinical Supervision (2010).pdf Routledge - The International Library of Psychology - Abnormal Psychology (1910).pdf Springer - Adolescent Substance Abuse, Evidence-Based Approaches to Prevention and Treatment (2009).pdf Springer - Differentiating Normal and Abnormal Personality (2006).pdf Springer - First Respinder's Guide To Abnormal Psychology, Applications for Police, Firefighters and Rescue Personnel (2007).pdf Springer - Substance Abuse Recovery in College, Community Supported Abstinence (2010).pdf Univ. Nebraska - Irregular Connections, A History of Anthropology and Sexuality (2004).pdf Wadsworth - The Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (2010).pdf Wiley - Clinical Case Formulation, Varieties of Approaches (2009).pdf Wiley - Essentials of Abnormal Psychology (2006).pdf Worth - Abnormal Psychology 7th Ed (2010).pdf

Anthropology (Files: 42)

Ashgate - The Anthropology of Morality in Melanesia and Beyond (2007).pdf BERG - Anthropology Beyond Culture (2002).pdf BERG - Anthropology Put To Work (2007).pdf BERG - The Anthropology of Sex (2010).pdf BERG - Translating Cultures, Perspectives on Translation and Anthropology (2003).pdf Blackwell - A Companion to Psychological Anthropology, Modernity and Psychocultural Change (2007).pdf Blackwell - A Companion to the Anthropology of Politics (2007).pdf Blackwell - Feminist Anthropology, A Reader (2006).pdf Blackwell - the Anthropology of Globalization, A Reader (2002).djvu Cambdrige - Structural Models in Anthropology (1983).pdf Cambridge - Anthropology, Politics, and the State, Democracy and Violence in South Asia (2007).pdf Cambridge - History and Theory in Anthropology (2004).pdf Cambridge - Linguistic Anthropology (1997).pdf Cambridge - Religion and Anthropology, A Critical Introduction (2006).pdf Cambridge - The Anthropology of Texts, Persons and Publics (2007).pdf Duke Univ. Press - Designs for an Anthropology of the Contemporary (2008).pdf Greenwood - Anthropology of Globalization (2002).pdf H.Bernard Russel - Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology (1998).pdf Humana Press - Forensic Anthropology and Medicine, Complementary Sciences From Recovery to Cause of Death (2006).pdf McGraw-Hill - Culture Sketches, Case Studes in Anthropology (2006).pdf

Oxford - Social and Cultural Anthropology, Very Short Introduction (2000).pdf Pluto Press - A History of Anthropology (2001).pdf Pluto Press - What is Anthropology (2004).pdf PPP - David Graeber - Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology (2004).pdf Prentice Hall - Anthropology of the City, An Introdution to Urban Anthropology (1977).pdf Routledge - Anthropology, The Basics (2005).pdf Routledge - Asian Anthropology (2005).pdf Routledge - Encyclopeda of Social and Cultural Anthropology (2002).pdf Routledge - Key Debates in Anthropology (1996).pdf Routledge - The Future of Visual Anthropology, Engaging the senses (2006).pdf Routledge - The Routledge Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology 2nd Ed (2010).pdf Taylor & Francis - Anthropology and Psychoanalysis, An Encounter Through Culture (2002).pdf Taylor & Francis - Other Cultures, Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology (2005).pdf UCP - An Anthropology of the Subject, Holographic Worldview in New Guinea and Its Meaning and Significance for the World of Anthropolog UCP - Exotic No More, Anthropology on the Front Lines (2002).pdf UHP - Anthropologys Global Histories, The Ethnographic Frontier in German New Guinea, 18701935 (2009).pdf Univ. Nebraska - Peace & White - Evolution and Revolution in Anthropology (2004).pdf UNP - Visionary Observers, Anthropological Inquiry and Education (2006).pdf Verso - Non-Places, Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity (1995).pdf Wadsworth - Essential of Physical Anthropology (2009).pdf Wiley - Anthropology for Dummies (2008).pdf

Applied Psychology (Files: 33)

Berret-Kohler - Prisoners of Our Thoughts, Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work 2nd Ed (2010).pdf Buttler&Tanner - How to Develop a Perfect Memory - Dominic Obrien (1993).pdf Cabridge - Peace Psychology, A Comprehensive Introduction (2006).pdf Companion - Healing A childs Grieving Heart, 10 Practical Ideas for Families, Friends & Caregivers (2001).pdf Companion - Healing A Parent's Grieving Heart, 100 Practical Ideas, After Your Child Dies (2002).pdf Companion - The Understanding, Your Grief Support Group Guide, Starting and Leading a Bereavement Support Group (2004).pdf Companion - The Understanding, Your Suicide Grief Support Group Guide (2009).pdf Elsevier - Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology (2004).pdf Emerald - The Decade Ahead, Applications and Contexts of Motivation and Achievement (2010).pdf Emerald - The Decade Ahead, Theoritical Perspectives on Motivation and Achievement (2010).pdf Fusion Press - The Nice Factor, The Art of Saying No (2008).pdf Gilchrist - Your Exceptional Mind, Enhance Intelligence; Expand Understanding (2008).pdf Guilford Press - Building Motivational Interviewing Skills, A Practitioner Workbook (2009).pdf John Hopkins Press - The Science of Orgasm (2006).pdf McGraw-Hill - 50 Ways To Prevent and Manage Stress (2001).pdf McGraw-Hill - What is Film Theory, An Introduction to Contemporary Debates (2010).pdf Melvin Saunders - 100 Percent Brain Course (2001).pdf Oxford - Brainwashing, The Science of Thought Control (2004).pdf Oxford - From Head to Hand, Art and The Manual (2010).pdf Oxford - Mastering Your Fears and Phobias, Workbook (2006).pdf Palgrave - Rethinking Commonsense Psychology, A Critique of Folk Psychology, Theory of Mind and Simulation (2007).pdf Palgrave Macmillan - Doing Psychology Critically, Making a Difference in Diverse Setting (2002).pdf Penguin Books - Steven Pinker - How The Mind Works (1997).chm PrenticeHall - The Sharper Mind, Mental games for a Keen Mind and a Foolprof Memory (1997).pdf SAGE - Positive Psychology, The Scientific and Practical Explorations of Human Strengths (2007).pdf

Springer - Military Neuropsychology (2010).pdf Wiley - Applying Psychology to Everyday Life - A Beginner's Guide (2006).pdf Wiley - Driven, A How-To Strategy for Unlocking Your Greatest Potential (2010).pdf Wiley - G.W. Burns - Happiness, Healing, Enhancement (2010).pdf Wiley - Napoleon Hill - How to Sell Your Way Through Life (2010).pdf Wiley - Overcoming Anxiety for Dummies 2nd Ed (2010).pdf Wiley - The Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology - (2009).pdf Wiley - What Happy Working Mothers Know, New Findings in Positive Psychology (2009).pdf

C.G. Jung (Files: 10)

C.G. Jung - Psychological Types (1921).pdf Collected Works of C G Jung Vol 02 Experimental Researches.pdf Inner City - Digesting Jung, Food for the Journey, Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts (2001).pdf Pantheon Books - C.G.Jung & C.Kerenyi - Essays on A Science of Mythology, the Myth of the Divine Child & the Mysteries of Eleusis.pdf Praeger - Jungian Reflections within the Cinema, A Psychological Analysis of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Archetypes (1995).pdf Princeton - C.G. Jung Speaking, Interviews and Encounters (1977).pdf Routledge - Body, Mind and Healing After Jung, A space of questions (2010).pdf Routledge - The Handbook of Jungian Psychology, Theory, practice and applications (2006).pdf SUNY Press - Perpetual Adolescence, Jungian Analyses of American Media, Literature, and Pop Culture (2009).pdf Texas A&M Univ. Press - The Black Sun, the Alchemy and Art of Darkness (2005).pdf

Cambridge (Files: 75)

Cambridge - A History of Personality, Psychology, Theory, Science, & Research from Hellenism to 21st Century (2010).pdf Cambridge - After The Holocaust, The Book of Job, Primo Levi and the Path to Affliction (2009).pdf Cambridge - Automatism, Insanity, and the Psychology of Criminal Responsibility (1991).pdf Cambridge - Bullying in Schools, How Successful Can Interventions Be (2004).pdf Cambridge - Cancer Pain, Assessment and Management (2003).pdf Cambridge - Children and their Environments, Learning, Using and Designing Spaces (2005).pdf Cambridge - Coercion and Punishment in Long-term Perspectives (1998).pdf Cambridge - Constructing the Subject, Historical Origins of Psychological Research (1990).pdf Cambridge - Coping with Minority Status, Responses to Exclusion and Inclusion (2010).pdf Cambridge - Craik - The Nature of Explanation (1943).pdf Cambridge - Critical Psychology Contributions to an Historical Science of the Subject (1991).pdf Cambridge - Decision Behaviour, Analysis and Support (2009).pdf Cambridge - Decision Synthesis, The Principles and Practice of Decision Analysis (1987).pdf Cambridge - Demystifyng Mentalitites (1990).pdf Cambridge - Discourse, learning, and schooling (1996).pdf Cambridge - Dreaming in the Middle Ages (1992).pdf Cambridge - Entering The Child's Mind, The Clinical Interview in Psychological Research and Practice (1997).pdf Cambridge - Evolution and the human mind, Modularity, Language and Meta-cognition (2000).pdf Cambridge - Explanations, Accounts, and Illusions, A Critical Analysis (1991).pdf Cambridge - Extending Self-Esteem Theory and Research, Sociological and Psychological Currents (2001).pdf Cambridge - How Modernity Forgets (2010).pdf Cambridge - Human Development and Political Violence (2010).pdf Cambridge - Individual and Community Responses to Trauma and Disaster, The Structure of Human Chaos (1994).pdf Cambridge - Intelligent Testing, Integrating Psychological Theory and Clinical Practice (2009).pdf Cambridge - Interpersonal Expectations, Theory, Research, and Applications (1993).pdf Cambridge - Jon Elster - Alchemies of the Mind, Rationality and the Emotions (1999).pdf

Cambridge - Jon Elster - Political Psychology (1993).pdf Cambridge - Jon Elster - Ulysses Unbound, Studies in Rationality, Precommitment, and Constraint (2000).pdf Cambridge - Landscapes of Emotion, Mapping Three Cultures of Emotion in Indonesia (1991).pdf Cambridge - Language and Thought, Interdisciplinary Themes (1998).pdf Cambridge - Language, Usage and Cognition (2010).pdf Cambridge - Latent Inhibition and Conditioned Attention Theory (1989).pdf Cambridge - Learning and Expanding with Activity Theory (2010).pdf Cambridge - Lifetimes of Commitment, Aging, Politics, Psychology (1991).pdf Cambridge - Literacy, Emotion and Authority, Reading and Writing on a Polynesian Atoll (1995).pdf Cambridge - Lund - Melancholy, Medicine and Religion in Early Modern England (2010).pdf Cambridge - Mania and Literary Style, The Rhetoric of Enthusiasm from the Ranters to Christopher Smart (1996).pdf Cambridge - Minding the Close Relationship, A Theory of Relationship Enhancement (1999).pdf Cambridge - Motivation and Personality, Handbook of Thematic Content Analysis (1992).pdf Cambridge - Nature and Nurture During Infancy and Early Childhood (1988).pdf Cambridge - Neuronal Mechanisms of Memory Formation, Concepts of Long-Term Potentiation and Beyond (2001).pdf Cambridge - Nigel C. Hunt - Memory, War and Trauma (2010).pdf Cambridge - Nonviolent Resistance, A New Approach to Violent and Self-Destructive Children (2009).pdf Cambridge - Oculomotor Systems and Perception (2001).pdf Cambridge - Overcoming Intolerance in South Africa, Experiments in Democratic Persuasion (2003).pdf Cambridge - Personal Epistemology in the Classroom - Theory, Research, and Implications for Practice (2010).pdf Cambridge - Personality Traits 3rd Ed (2009).pdf Cambridge - Placing Friendship in Context (1998).pdf Cambridge - Psychological Debriefing, Theory. Practice and Evidence (2000).pdf Cambridge - Psychological Perspectives on Justice, Theory and Applications (1993).pdf Cambridge - Rationality and Intelligence (1985).pdf Cambridge - Rebels within the Ranks (1997).pdf Cambridge - Relative Deprivation, Specification, Development, and Integration (2002).pdf Cambridge - Remembering our past, Studies in Autobiographical Memory (1995).pdf Cambridge - Responsibility (1999).pdf Cambridge - Schizophrenia in Children and Adolescents (2001).pdf Cambridge - Secondary Schizoprenia (2010).pdf Cambridge - Self and Societies, Narcissism, Collectivism, and the Developments of Morals (1985).pdf Cambridge - Similarity and Analogical Reasoning (1989).pdf Cambridge - Suicide in Children and Adolescents (2003).pdf Cambridge - The Biology and Psychology of Moral Agency (1998).pdf Cambridge - The Biology of Traditions, Models and Evidence (2003).pdf Cambridge - The Brain and Behavior, An Introduction to Behavioral Anatomy 3rd Ed (2010).pdf Cambridge - The Cambridge Dictionary of Psychology (2009).pdf Cambridge - The Cambridge Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning (2005).pdf Cambridge - The End of Reciprocity, Terror, Torture, and The Law of War (2010).pdf Cambridge - The Market Experience (1991).pdf Cambridge - The Playing Self, Person and Meaning in the Planetary Society (1996).pdf Cambridge - The Self-society Dynamic Cognition, Emotion, and Action (1991).pdf Cambridge - Thinking Styles (1997).pdf Cambridge - Thinking the Unconscious, Nineteenth-Century German Thought (2010).pdf Cambridge - Tourangeau, R. - Psychology of Survey Response (2000).pdf Cambridge - Understanding and Preventing Teacher Burnout, A Sourcebook of International Research and Practice (1999).pdf Cambridge - Understanding Ethical Failures in Leadership (2006).pdf Cambridge - Understanding practice, Perspectives on activity and context (1996).pdf

Classics in Psychology (Files: 18)

APA - B.F.Skinner, A Life.pdf Dream Psychology - Sigmund Freud.pdf George Stuart Fullerton - A Handbook of Ethical Theory (1921).pdf Hugo Muensterberg - Psychology and Industrial Efficiency (1913).pdf John Stuart Mill - On Liberty.pdf John Stuart Mill - The Subjection of Women (1869).pdf John Stuart Mill - Utilitarianism (1879).pdf Karen Horney MD - Self Analysis.pdf Maslow - a Theory of Human Motivation (1943).pdf Max Weber - The Sociology Of Religion.pdf Oxford - Avicenna's Psychology (1952).pdf Penguin Books - The Wolf Children (1977).pdf Reich - The Mass Psychology of Fascism (1946).pdf Routledge - Jean Piaget - Child's Conception of Number.pdf Routledge - Jean Piaget - The Child's Conception of Space.pdf Sigmund Freud - The Interpretation of Dreams (1931).pdf Wilhelm Max Wundt - Outlines of Psychology (1897).pdf William James - Talks to Teachers on Psychology, to Students On Some of Life's Ideals.pdf

Cognitive Neuroscience (Files: 65)

APA - The Psychology of Spine Surgery.pdf APP - Advances in Brain Imaging (2001).pdf Cambridge - Brain Norepinephrine, Neurobiology and Therapeutics (2007).PDF Cambridge - Hardwired Behavior What Neuroscience Reveals About Morality (2005).pdf Cambridge - Hormones and Behavior, A Psychological Approach (2008).pdf Cambridge - Sleep and Dreaming, Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations (2003).pdf Cambridge - The Handbook of Psychophysiology (2007).pdf CRC Press - Computational Neuroscience, A Comprehensive Approach (2004).pdf CRC Press - Methods of Behavior Analysis in Neuroscience (2001).pdf CRC Press - Sexual Differentiation of the Brain (1999).pdf Elsevier - Handbook of the Neuroscience of Language (2008).pdf Elsevier - On the Psychobiology of Personality (2004).pdf Elsevier - Progress in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology, Vol.18.pdf Guilford - Biology of Personality and Individual Differences (2006).pdf Harvard - Perspectives in Cognitive Neuroscience (2000).pdf Humana Press - The Clinical Neuropsychology Primer (2007).pdf Informa Healthcare - Insulin Resistance Syndrome and Neuropsychiatric Disease (2008).pdf Kluwer - Neuropsychological Interpretation of Objective Psychological Test (2002).pdf Kluwer - Neuropsychology of Childhood Epilepsy (2002).pdf Kluwer - Prefrontal Cortex - From Synaptoc Plasticity to Cognition (2004).pdf LEA - Psychophysiology, Human Behavior and Physiological Response 4th Ed (2000).djvu LEA - The Physiological Bases of Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders (2006).pdf MIT - Foundations in Social Neuroscience (2002).pdf MIT - From Monkey Brain to Human Brain (2005).pdf MIT - Gateway to Memory - An Introduction to Neural Network Modeling of the Hippocampus and Learning (2000).pdf MIT - Gazzaniga - The New Cognitive Neurosciences (2000).pdf MIT - Modeling Neural Development (2003).pdf MIT - Perspectives on Imitation, From Neuroscience to Social Science. Vol. 2 (2005).pdf MIT - Taking Action, Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectives on Intentional Acts (2003).pdf

MIT - The First Half Second, the Microgenesis and Temporal Dynamics of Unconscious and Conscious Visual Processes (2006).pdf MIT - The Parallel Brain, The Cognitive Neuroscience of the Corpus Callosum (2003).pdf MIT - The Visual Neurosciences (2004).pdf MIT - What the Hands Reveal About the Brain (2000).pdf MIT Press - Chess Metaphors, Artificial Intelligence and the Human Mind (2009).pdf MIT Press - Evolutionary Cognitive Neuroscience (2007).pdf MIT Press - Pain, New Essays on Its Nature and the Methodology of Its Study (2005).pdf NAP - Brain and cognition, Some New Technologies (1989).pdf NAP - Bridging Disciplines in the Brain, Behavioral, and Clinical Sciences (2002).pdf Neil Slade - The Frontal Lobes Supercharge (1998).pdf Oxford - Biology of Aggression (2006).pdf Oxford - Brain Architecture, Understanding the Basic Plan (2003).CHM Oxford - Central Nervous System, Structure and Function (2004).CHM Oxford - Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion (2000).CHM Oxford - Conditioned Taste Aversion, Behavioral and Neural Processes (2009).pdf Oxford - Electric Fields of the Brain, The Neurophysics of EEG (2006).djvu Oxford - Matter of Mind, A Neurologist's View of Brain-Behavior Relationships (2002).pdf Oxford - Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience (2003).CHM Oxford - Perceptual Expertise, Bridging Brain and Behavior (2010).pdf Oxford - Synesthesia, Perspectives from Cognitive Neuroscience (2005).pdf Oxford - Ways of Seeing, The Scope and Limits of Visual Cognition (2003).pdf Routledge - Mental Mechanism, Philosophical Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience (2008).pdf Royal Society - Mechanisms and Functions of Brain and Behavioural Asymmetries (2009).pdf SAGE - Brain Re-engineering, The Art of Being Mentally Tough (2003).pdf Springer - Auditory Signal Processing, Physiology, Psychoacoustics and Models (2005).pdf Springer - Behavioral Neurobiology of Anxiety and Its Treatment (2010).pdf Springer - Behavioral Neuroscience of Drug Addiction (2010).pdf Springer - Brain Control of Wakefulness and Sleep 2nd Ed (2005).pdf Springer - Modeling Decisions, Information Fusion and Aggregation Operators (2007).pdf Springer - Understanding Sleep and Dreaming (2005).pdf Taylor&Francis - Psychology of Attention (1997).pdf Taylor&Francis - The Cognitive Neurocience of Human Communication (2008).pdf UTP - The Neural Imagination, Aesthetic and Neuroscientific Approaches to the Arts (2009).pdf Wiley - Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy, Evolution and Adaptation, 2nd Ed (2005).pdf Wiley - Psychiatry as a Neuroscience (2002).pdf Worth Publishers - Fundamentals Of Human Neuropsychology (2003).pdf

Cognitive Psychology (Files: 137)

Academic Press - Causal Learning (1996).pdf Academic Press - Psychobiological Aspects of Cognitive Growth (1977).pdf Academic Press - The Psychology of Humor, An Integrative Approach (2006).pdf AP Press - Control of Cognitive Processes (2000).pdf APA - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Suicidal Patients, Scientific and Clinical Applications (2009).pdf APP - Successful Cognitive and Emotional Aging (2010).pdf Barnes&Nobles - Why Flip a Coin, the Art and science of Good Decisions (1997).pdf Bradford Books - Attention and Performance XIV (1993).pdf Bradford Books - Intending and Acting, Toward a Naturalized Action Theory (1984).pdf Bradford Books - The Analogical Mind, Perspectives From Cognitive Science (2001).pdf Brill - Cognition and Recognition, On the Origin of Movement (2008).pdf Cambridge - Cannabis and Cognitive Functioning (1998).pdf

Cambridge - Cognitive Adaptation, A Pragmatist Perspective (2010).pdf Cambridge - Cognitive Load Theory (2010).pdf Cambridge - Cognitive space and Linguistic Case, Semantic and Syntactic Categories in English (1995).pdf Cambridge - Human Cognitive Abilities, A survey of factor-analytic studies (1993).pdf Cambridge - James R Flynn, What Is Intelligence, Beyond the Flynn Effect (2007).pdf Cambridge - The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke (2007).pdf Cambridge - The Cognitive Structure of Scientific Revolutions (2006).pdf CENGAGE Learning - Cognitive Modifiability in Learning and Assessment, International Perspectives (2008).pdf CRC Press - Animal Models of Cognitive Impairment (2006).pdf Elsevier - A Practical Logic of Cognitive Systems Vol.2, The Reach of Abduction Insight and Trial (2005).pdf Elsevier - Advances in Psychology 124 - Cognitive Science Perspectives On Personality and Emotion (1997).pdf Elsevier - Cognitive Processes in the Perception of Art (1984).pdf Elsevier - Cognitive Systems, Information Processing Meets Brain Science (2006).pdf Elsevier - Handbook of COgnitive Science, An Embodied Approach (2008).pdf Elsevier - Handbook of Episodic Memory (2008).pdf Elsevier - The Cognitive Psychology of Knowledge (1993).pdf G. William Domhoff - The Scientific Study of Dreams, Neural networks, Cognitive Development and Content Analysis.pdf Gibson - The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception (New Ed. 1986).pdf Goodglass & Wingfield - Anomia, Neuroanatomical and Cognitive Correlates.pdf Greenwood Press - Unmixing The Intellect, Aristotle on Cognitive Powers and Bodily Organs (2003).pdf Guilford - Cognitive and Behavioral Rehabilitation, From Neurobiology to Clinical Practice (2004).pdf Guilford - Cognitive and Behavioral Theories in Clinical Practice (2010).pdf Guilford - The Mind in Context (2010).pdf Guilford Press - Cognitive Rehabilitation, An Integrative Neuropsychological Approach (2001).pdf Harvard - Jerome Bruner - Acts of Meaning (1990).pdf Houghton Mifflin - The Seven Sins Of Memory, How the Mind Forgets and Remember (2001).pdf JBPC - Cognition Distributed, How cognitive technology extends our minds (2008).pdf John Benjamins - Unconscious Memory Representations in Perception Processes and Mechanisms in the Brain (2010).pdf Jossey-Bass - The Scientific American Brave New Brain (2010).pdf Kluwer - Seeing, Thinking and Knowing, Meaning and Self-Organisation in Visual Cognition and Thought (2004).pdf LEA - Creativity Across Domains, Faces of the Muse (2005).pdf LEA - Interdisciplinary Collaboration, An Emerging Cognitive Science (2005).pdf LEA - Introduction to Neural and Cognitive Modeling 2nd Ed (2000).pdf LEA - Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (2001).pdf Melbourne - Thinking in Four Dimensions, Creativity and Cognition in Contemporary Dance (2004).pdf MIT - Chemero - Radical Embodied Cognitive Science (2009).pdf MIT - Imagination and the Meaningful Brain (2003).pdf MIT - Synesthesia, A Union of the Senses 2nd Ed (2002).pdf MIT Press - Brain Processes Theories and Models (1996).pdf MIT Press - Charles O. Nussbaum - The Musical Representation, Meaning, Ontology and Emotion (2007).pdf MIT Press - Cognitive Modeling (2002).pdf MIT Press - Cognitive Models of Memory (1997).pdf MIT Press - Daniel Schacter - Memory Systems (1994).pdf MIT Press - Don Ross - Economic Theory and Cognitive Science, Microexplanation (2005).pdf MIT Press - Effortless Attention, A New Perspectives in The Cognitive Science of Attention and Action (2010).pdf MIT Press - Foundational Issues in Human Brain Mapping (2010).pdf MIT Press - Foundations of Cognitive Psychology, Core Reading (2002).pdf MIT Press - George Stiny - Shape, Talking about Seeing and Doing (2006).pdf MIT Press - Jan Lauwereyns - The Anatomy of Bias, How Neural Circuits Weigh the Options (2010).pdf MIT Press - Marcus G.F. - The Algebraic Mind - Integrating Connectionism and Cognitive Science (2001).pdf MIT Press - Mind and Morals, Essays On Cognitive Science and Ethics (1996).pdf MIT Press - Moral Psychology, Volume 2 The Cognitive Science of Morality (2008).pdf MIT Press - Paul Thagard - Mind, Introduction to Cognitive Science 2nd Ed (2005).pdf

MIT Press - The Extended Mind (2010).pdf MIT Press - The Hidden Sense, Synesthesia in Art and Science (2007).pdf Mountain Publising - Amazing and Wonderful Mind Machines You Can Build (1992).pdf New Harbinger - Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression (2006).pdf NOVA - Cognitive Sciences Research Progress (2009).pdf Other Press - Structure and Preversions (2001).pdf Oxford - Adaptive Perspectives on HumanTechnology Interaction, Methods and Models for Cognitive Engineering and HumanComputer In Oxford - Blindspots, The Many Ways We Cannot See (2010).pdf Oxford - Common Mechanisms in Perception and Action - Attention and Performance XIX (2002).pdf Oxford - Concepts, Where Cognitive Science Went Wrong (2008).pdf Oxford - Creative People At Work, Twelve Cognitive Case Studies (1989).pdf Oxford - Imaginative Minds (2007).pdf Oxford - Implicit Motives (2010).pdf Oxford - Larry Squire - Memory and Brain (1987).pdf Oxford - Letter and Word Perception, Orthographic Structure and Visual Processing in Reading (1980).pdf Oxford - Mind as machine, A History of Cognitive Science. Vol.1&2 (2006).pdf Oxford - Neoconstructivism, the New Science of Cognitive Development (2010).pdf Oxford - New Frontiers in Cognitive Aging (2004).pdf Oxford - Orienting of Attention (2008).pdf Oxford - Origins of Objectivity (2010).pdf Oxford - Principles of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology (2000).pdf Oxford - Principles of Synthetic Intelligence - PSI, An Architecture of Motivated Cognition (2009).pdf Oxford - Stalnaker, R.C. - Context and Content, Essays on Intentionality in Speech and Thought (1999).pdf Oxford - Supersizing the Mind Embodiment, Action, and Cognitive Extension (2008).pdf Oxford - The Miranda Ruling, Its Past, Present, and Future (2010).pdf Oxford - The Origin of Concepts (2009).pdf Palgrave - Against Theory of Mind (2009).pdf Palgrave - Cognitive Biology, Evolutionary and Developmetal Perspectives on Mind, Brain, and Behavior (2009).pdf Pearson - Cognitive Psychology Applying the Science of the Mind (2007).pdf Penguin Books - Edward de Bono - Parallel Thinking (1995).pdf Princeton - The Bounds of Reason, Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences (2009).pdf Psych Press - Connectionist Models in Cognitive Psychology (2005).pdf Psych Press - Emotional Memory Across the Adult Lifespan (2009).pdf Psych Press - Forgetting (2010).pdf Psych Press - Semantic Priming, Perspectives from Memory and Word Recognition (2005).pdf Psych Press - Surveying Memory Processes (1998).pdf Psych Press - Visuo-Spatial Working Memory and Individual Differences (2003).pdf Psychology Press - Attention, Perception and Memory, An Integrated Introduction (2005).pdf Psychology Press - Cognitive Psychology, A Students Handbook 4th Ed (2000).pdf Robert D. Steele - Human Intelligence, All Humans, All Minds, All the Time (2010).pdf Routledge - Cognitive Assessment, An Introduction to.pdf Routledge - Performance and Cognition, Theatre Studies and the Cognitive Turn (2006).pdf Royal Society - Predictions in the Brain (2009).pdf SAGE - Advances in Cognitive Science Vol.1 (2008).pdf SAGE - Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent (2009).pdf SAGE - Encyclopedia of Perception (2010).pdf SAGE - Handbook of Cognition (2005).pdf Springer - Abductive Cognition, The Epistemological and Eco-Cognitive Dimensions of Hypothetical Reasoning (2009).pdf Springer - Advances in Cognitive Neurodynamics (2008).pdf Springer - Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems, From Psychological Theories to Artificial Cognitive Systems (2009).pdf Springer - Artificial General Intelligence (2007).pdf

Springer - Autobiographical Memory and the Validity of Retrospective Reports (1994).pdf Springer - Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008 (2010).pdf Springer - Coordinated Activity in the Brain (2009).pdf Springer - Dynamics of Thought (2005).pdf Springer - Empirically Supported Cognitive Therapies, Current and Future Applications (2001).pdf Springer - Handbook of Individual Differences in Cognition, Attention, Memory, and Executive Control (2010).pdf Springer - Handbook of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science (2010).pdf Springer - Resource-Adaptive Cognitive Processes (2010).pdf Springer - The Structure of Style, Algorithmic Approaches to Understanding Manner and Meaning (2010).pdf Springer - The Unified Learning Model, How Motivational, Cognitive, and Neurobiological Sciences Inform Best Teaching Practices (2010).pd Teresa Perrin - The Ice Cream Memories of Charlotte Rowe (2007).pdf The Hague - On the Content & Objects of Presentation, A Psychological Investigation (1977).pdf the Psychonomic Society - Memory and Cognition (2009).pdf UCP - Cognitive Ecology II (2009).pdf W.Ross Ashby - Design for a Brain (1960).pdf Wiley - blending Play Therapy with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2009).pdf Wiley - Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science.pdf Wiley - Exercise and Cognitive Function (2009).pdf Wiley - General Principles and Empirically Supported Techniques of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (2009)'.pdf Wiley - Percept - Decision, Action, Bridging The Gaps (2006).pdf Wiley - Time to Speak, Cognitive and Neural Prerequisites for Time in Language (2008).pdf

Consciousnes (Files: 57)

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Drugs Psychology (Files: 51)

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Evolutionary Psychology (Files: 44)

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Family & Parenting (Files: 132)

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Family Psychology (Files: 15)

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Gender Psychology (Files: 26)

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Handbook and Encyclopedia (Files: 42)

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Health Psychology (Files: 52)

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Human Social Technology (Files: 7)

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Introductionary Psychology (Files: 40)

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Jacques Lacan (Files: 18)

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Leadership (Files: 9)
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Linguistic Psychology (Files: 34)

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Music & Psychology (Files: 7)

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Neuroscience (Files: 89)

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Organizational Psychology (Files: 101)

Algora - Hunting and Gathering in the Corporate Tribe, Archetypes of the Corporate Culture (2004).pdf APA - Executive coaching, Developing Managerial Wisdom in a World of Chaos (2000).pdf APA - Rumor Psychology Social And Organizational Approaches (2007).pdf APA - The Ethical Practice of Psychology in Organizations (2006).pdf Artech House - Information Warfare and Organizational Decision-Making (2007).pdf BK - The Change Cycle, How People Can Survive and Thrive in Organizational Change (2008).pdf Blackwell - Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2004).pdf Cambridge - Organizational Learning from Performance Feedback, A Behavioral Perspective on Innovation and Change (2003).pdf Course-PTR - Organizational Vision, Values and Mission Fifty-Minute Series (1993).pdf Crownhouse - Change Management Excellence, Putting NLP to Work (2006).pdf DB Publising - Working Relationships, The Simple Truth About Getting Along with Friends and Foes at Work (2009).pdf Elsevier - Advances in Group Processes - Vol.23 - Social Psychology of the Workplace (2006).pdf Elsevier - Developments in Work and Organization Psychology, Implications for International Business (2006).pdf Elsevier - Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology (2004).pdf IOS - Organizational and Psychologicval Aspects of Terrorism (2008).pdf JOCM - Jungs legacy and beyond - exploring the relevance of archetypal psychology to organizational change (2002).pdf Jossey-Bass - Handbook of Organizational Consulting Psychology, A Comprehensive Guide to Theory, Skills, and Techniques (2002).pdf Jossey-Bass - Resizing the Organization Managing Layoffs, Divestitures, and Closings (2003).pdf Jossey-Bass - The Emotionally Intelligent Workplacem, How to Select For, Measure, and Improve Emotional Intelligence (2001).pdf Jossey-Bass - The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups (2010).pdf LEA - Advances in Social & Organizational Psychology (2006).pdf LEA - Applied Psychology, New Frontiers And Rewarding Careers (2006).pdf LEA - Contemporary Models in Vocational Psychology (2001).pdf LEA - Creativity and Innovation in Organizational Teams (2006).pdf LEA - Developing Organizational Simulations - A Guide for Practitioners and Students (2004).pdf LEA - Discrimination at Work, The Psychological and Organizational Bases (2005).pdf LEA - Diversity Resistance in Organizations (2008).pdf LEA - Ethics and Values in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (2003).pdf LEA - Handbook of Organizational Creativity (2008).pdf LEA - Introduction to the Special Issue, Role of General Mental Ability in Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology (2002).pdf LEA - Job Feedback, Giving, Seeking, and Using Feedback for Performance Improvement (2003).pdf LEA - Linking Emotional Intelligence and Performance at Work, Current Research Evidence with Individuals and Groups (2006).pdf LEA - Organizational Behavior a Management Challenge 3rd Ed (2002).pdf LEA - Organizational Surveys, The Diagnosis and Betterment of Organizations Through Their Members (2003).pdf LEA - Personality and Organizations (2004).pdf LEA - Role Transitions in Organizational Life, An Identity-Based Perspectives (2001).pdf LEA - The Future of Leadership Development (2003).pdf LEA - The Psychology of Conflict and Conflict Management in Organizations (2008).pdf LEA - The Psychology of Leadership, New Perspectives and Research (2005).pdf LEA - The Psychology of Work, Theoretically Based Empirical Research (2002).pdf LEA - Understanding Organizations Through Culture and Structure (2003).pdf LEA - Work and Family, An International Research Perspective (2005).pdf LEA - Y.Vardi, E.Weitz - Misbehavior in Organizations, Theory, Research, and Management (2004).pdf Marcell Dekker - Ironies in Organizational Development (2002).pdf McGraw-Hill - Ethical Leadership Work and Organizational Psychology (2007).pdf


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Wiley - Mistreatment in the Workplace, Prevention and Resolution for Managers and Organizations (2009).pdf Wiley - Organizational Effectiveness, The Role of Psychology (2002).pdf Wiley - Organizational Psychology, A Scientist-Practitioner Approach 2nd Ed (2008).pdf Wiley - Psychological Management of Individual Performance (2002).pdf

Personality Psychology (Files: 36)

APA - Developing Individuality in the Human Brain (2005).pdf APA - Personality Psychology in the Workplace (2001).pdf Cambridge - Personality, Identity, and Character, Explorations in Moral Psychology (2009).pdf Cambridge - The Cambridge Handbook of Personal Relationships (2006).pdf Cambridge - The Cambridge Handbook of Personality Psychology (2009).pdf Davies Black - I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just Not You, The Real Meaning of the 16 Personality Types (1997).pdf Davies Black - Was That Really Me, how Everyday Stressbrings Out Our Hidden Personality (2002).pdf Davies-Black - Making a Difference by Being Yourself, Using Your Personality Type at Work and in Relationships (2008).pdf EastGate - James Dobsons Gospel of Self-Esteem & Psychology (1990).pdf Harper & Row - Abraham H. Maslow - Motivation and Personality (1954).pdf JA Pub - Demystifying Meaningful Coincidences, The Evolving Self, the Personal Unconscious, and the Creative Process (2010).pdf John Hopkins - Raise Winning Kids Without a Fight, The Power of Personal Choice (2009).pdf McGraw-Hil - Theories of Personality 6th Ed - Feist (2004).pdf NPC - Numerology The Complete Guide Vol 1 - The Personality Reading (1981).pdf NPC - Numerology The Complete Guide Vol 2 - Advanced Pesonality analysis (1981).pdf OSHO - Intimacy, Trusting Oneself and the Other - Insights for a New Way of Living (2007).pdf Other Press - Love in a Time of Loneliness - Three Essays On Drive and Desire (1999).pdf Oxford - Exploring the Psychology of Interest (2006).pdf Oxford - Judgement Over Time, The Interplay of Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors (2006).pdf Oxford - Neighbor Networks Competitive Advantage Local and Personal (2010).pdf Oxford - Rational and Irrational Beliefs, Research, Theory, and Clinical Practice (2010).pdf Oxford - Strangers in a Strange Lab, How Personality Shapes Our Initial Encounters with Others (2009).pdf Oxford - The Necessity of Theater, The Art of Watching and Being Watched (2008).pdf Palgrave - Appearance and Identity, Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity (2008).pdf Palgrave - Approaches to the Individual, The Relationship between Internal and External Conversation (2009).pdf Palgrave - Intimacy and Power, The Dynamics of Personal Relationships in Modern Society (2009).pdf Praeger - Personal Coping, Theory, Research, and Application (1992).pdf Routledge - Death, Gender and Ethnicity (1997).pdf Routledge - Self-Esteem, Across the Lifespan, Issues and Interventions (2010).pdf Simon & Schuster - Design for a Life - How Behavior and Personality Develop (2000).pdf Springer - Clinical Assessment of Child and Adolescent Personality and Behavior (2010).pdf Springer - Nonviolence and Peace Psychology, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Societal, and World Peace (2009).pdf Springer - Persons, Understanding Psychological Selfhood and Agency (2010).pdf Springer - The Mystery of Personality, A History of Psychodynamic Theories (2009).pdf Wiley - Handbook of Personality and Self-Regulation (2010).pdf Wiley - The Essential Practitioners Handbook of Personal Construct Psychology (2005).pdf

Philosophy (Files: 39)

Berret Kohler - The Appreciative Inquiry Handbook, 2nd Edition.pdf Blackwell - Comic Relief, A Comprehensive Philosophy of Humor (2009).pdf Blackwell - Dimension of Moral Theory, An Introduction to Metaethics and Moral Psychology (2002).pdf Blackwell - Ethics for Psychologists 2nd Ed (2009).pdf Brill - Auguste Comte and John Stuart Mill on Sexual Equality, Historical, Methodological and Philosophical Issues


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Political Psychology (Files: 34)

Brookings - Unleashing Change, A Study of Organizational Renewal in Government (2005).pdf Cambridge - Afro-Caribbean Immigrants and the Politics of Incorporation (2006).pdf Cambridge - Citizens, Politics, and Social Communication, Information and influence in an election campaign (1995).pdf Cambridge - How Voter's Decide, Information Processing During Election Campaigns (2006).pdf Cambridge - Multiparty Democracy - Elections and Legislative Politics (2006).pdf Cambridge - New Race Politics in America, Understanding Minority and Immigrant Politics (2008).pdf Cambridge - Post-broadcast Democracy, How Media Choice Increases Inequality in Political Involvement and Polarizes Elections (2007).pd Cambridge - Powers of Freedom~ Reframing Political Thought (2004).pdf Cambridge - Thinking About Political Psychology (2002).pdf CIA - R.J.Heuer - Psychology of Intelligence Analysis (1999).pdf Columbia - Freedom and Neurobiology, Reflections on Free Will, Language and Political Power (2007).pdf GE Partridge - The Psychology of Nations, A Contribution to the Philosophy of History (1919).pdf


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Psychiatry (Files: 17)

APP - Clinical Manual for the Psychiatric Interview of Children and Adolescents (2010).pdf APP - Clinical Manual of Emergency Psychiatry (2010).pdf APP - How to Practice Evidence-Based Psychiatry, Basic Principles and Case Studies (2010).pdf Cambridge - Clinical Child Neuropsychiatry (2003).pdf Cambridge - Pharmaceutical Reason, Knowledge and Value in Global Psychiatry (2008).pdf Cambridge - Psychiatric and Cognitive Disorders in Parkinson's Disease (2004).pdf Cambridge - Psychosomatic Medicine, An Introduction to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (2010).pdf Hodder & Arnold - Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, The Craft of caring 2nd Ed (2009).pdf New Age Intl' - Psychiatry For General Practitioners (2010).pdf NUP - Spiegelberg - Phenomenology in Psychology and Psychiatry (1972).pdf Oxford - Goodwin and Guze's Psychiatric Diagnosis 6th Ed (2010).pdf Oxford - Handbook of Psychiatry in Palliative Medicine (2000).pdf


RCPsych - Clinical Topics in Cultural Psychiatry (2010).pdf Springer - Handbook of Integrative Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry, and Behavioral Medicine, Perspectives, Practices, and Research (2010). Wiley - Anthology of German Psychiatric Texts (2010).pdf Wiley - Systems Biology in Psychiatric Research From High-Throughput Data to Mathematical Modeling (2010).pdf Wiley - The Roots of the Recovery Movement in Psychiatry (2010).pdf

Psychodrama (Files: 5)
Jessica Kingsley - Drama Therapy and Storymaking in Special Education (2006).pdf Jessica Kingsley - Practical Approaches to Drama therapy, The Shield of Perseus (2009).pdf Routledge - Partners in Thought, Working with Unformulated Experience, Dissociation,and Enactment (2010).pdf SAGE - Psychodrama (1999).pdf Springer - Healing Collective Trauma, Using Sociodrama and Drama Therapy (2001).pdf

Psychopathology (Files: 16)

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Random (Files: 18)

APA - Publication Manual of the APA 5th (2003).pdf JBPC - Cognition and Technology, Co-existence, convergence and co-evolution (2004).pdf JBPC - Psyche nd the Literary Muses, The contribution of literary content to scientific psychology (2009).pdf Jessica Kingsley - ASPoetry, Illustrated Poems from an Aspie Life (2006).pdf Jessica Kingsley - Art Therapy Techniques and Applications (2009).pdf LFB - Mental Health among Taiwanese, Americans Gender, Immigration, and Transnational Struggles (2006).pdf MIT - The Future of Thinking, Learning Institutions in a Digital Age (2010).pdf NYRB - Schreber, Daniel Paul - Memoirs of My Nervous Illness (2000).pdf Other Press - Key concepts of Lacanian Psychoanalysis (1999).pdf Oxford - Boo, Culture, Experience, and the Startle Reflex (1996).pdf Penguin Press - A Terrible Love of War (2004).pdf Routledge - Common Dilemmas in Couple Therapy (2010).pdf Routledge - The Psychology of Courage, An Adlerian Handbook for Healthy Social Living (2010).pdf SAGE - Human Relationships 4th ed (2007).pdf Springer - Alcoholism, Research on Alcoholics Anonymous and Spirituality in Addiction Recovery (2008).pdf


Springer - Indigenous and Cultural Psychology, Understanding People in Context (2006).pdf Wiley - Intervening and Changing, Looking for Meaning in Interactions (2007).pdf

Research Methods (Files: 63)

Academic Press - International Review of Research in Mental Retardation, Vol.35.pdf APA - Handbook of Multimethod Measurement in Psychology (2006).pdf APA - Qualitative Research in Psychology - Expanding Perspectives in Methodology and Design (2003).pdf APA - Reviewing Scientific Works in Psychology (2006).pdf B.F. Skinner - Science and Human Behavior.pdf Biddles - Qualitative Methods in Psychology, A Research Guide (2002).pdf Blackwell - Handbook of Research Methods in Developmental Science (2005).pdf Blackwell - Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (2004).pdf Blackwell - Why Science Matters, Understanding the Methods of Psychological Research (2006).pdf Cambridge - Developing the Horizons of the Mind - Relational and Contextual Reasoning (2002).pdf CRC Press - The Emotional Nature of Qualitative Research (2001).pdf Elsevier - Dynamic Analysis in the Social Sciences (2007).pdf Elsevier - Quantitative Psychology, Some Chosen Problems and New Ideas (1983).pdf FHI - Qualitative Research Methods, A Data Collector's Field Guide (2005).pdf Guilford - Handbook of Research Methods in Personality Psychology (2007).pdf Guilford - Principles and Practice of Structural Equation Modeling 3rd Ed (2010).pdf Guilford - Qualitative Research, Studying How Things Work (2010).pdf Harvard - Research Interviewing Context and Narrative (1986).pdf Hodder&Stoughton - Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (2008).pdf Howtobooks - A Practical Guide to Research Methods (2007).pdf howtobooks - Practical Research Methods (2002).pdf LEA - Foundations For Research, Methods for Inquiry and Education in The Social Research (2004).pdf LEA - Multivariate Behavioral Research (2001).pdf LEA - Research Methods For Organizational Studies, 2nd Ed (2005).pdf LEA - Statistical Power Analysis, A Simple and General Model for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests (2004).pdf LEA - Statistics in Psychology, An Historical Approach (2001).pdf LEA - Understanding And Evaluating Research in Applied Clinical Settings (2006).pdf LEA - Validity Generalization, A Critical Review (2003).pdf Libraries Unlimited - 99 Jumpstarts to Research, Topic Guides for Finding Information on Current Issues (2001).pdf McGraw-Hill - Psychology, Methods in Behavioral Research 10th (2009).pdf MIT Press - George Mandler - A History of Modern Experimental Psychology (2007).pdf NUP - Exploring Avenues to Interdisciplinary Research, From Cross- to Multi- to Interdisciplinarity (2009).pdf OUP - Research Interviewing, The Range of Techniques (2005).pdf Oxford - Artifacts in Behavioral Research (2009).pdf Oxford - Companion for Experimental Design and Analysis for Psychology (2009).pdf Oxford - Determining Sample Size - Balancing Power, Precision and Practicality (2008).pdf Oxford - MEG, An Introduction to Methods (2010).pdf Oxford - Preparing Research Articles (2008).pdf Oxford - The New Handbook of Methods in Nonverbal Behavior Research (2005).pdf Oxford - What The Face Reveals, Basic and Applied Studies of Spontaneous Expression Using The Facial Action Coding System (FACS) 2n Routledge - Research Method in Education 5th Ed (2000).pdf SAGE - Applied Psychometry (2009).pdf SAGE - Case Study Research, Design and Methods 3rd (2003).pdf SAGE - Doing Qualitative Research Differently, free association, narrative and the interview method (2000).pdf SAGE - Methods Of Critical Discourse Analysis (2001).pdf SAGE - Qualitative Research & Evaluation Methods 3ed (2002).pdf


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Sex (Files: 25)

Cornell - Luce Irigaray - This Sex Which Is Not One (1985).pdf Greenwood Press - Sexuality and The Elderly (1997).pdf Harvard - Sex and Reason (1992).pdf Harvard - Sexual Fluidity, Understanding Women's Love and Desire (2008).pdf John Hopkins - The Science of Orgasm (2007).pdf Kluwer - Child Sexual Abuse, Its Scope and Our Failure (2002).pdf Kluwer - Sexual Orientation in Child and Adolescent Health Care (2002).pdf Palgrave - Brutality and Desire, War and Sexuality in Europes Twentieth Century (2009).pdf Penguin - Leonard Shlain - Sex, Time, and Power, How Women's Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution (2002).pdf Praeger - Athletes Who Indulge Their Dark Side, Sex, Drugs, and Cover-Ups (2010).pdf Praeger - Betrayal of Trust, Sex and Power in Professional Relationships (1995).pdf Praeger - Bless Me Father for I Have Sinned Perspectives on Sexual Abuse Committed by Roman Catholic Priests (1999).pdf Praeger - Halting the Sexual Predators among Us, Preventing attack, Rape, and Lust Homicide (2004).pdf Praeger - Healing from the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse, The Journey for Women (2004).pdf Praeger - Romantic Love and Sexual Behavior Perspectives from the Social Sciences (1998).pdf Praeger - Sex and Love, Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery (1997).pdf Praeger - Teenage Sex and Pregnancy, Modern Myths, Unsexy Realities (2010).pdf Rutgers - Side Dishes, Latin American Women, Sex and Cultural Production (2009).pdf Stephanie Clifford-Smith - Kink, A Straight Girl's Investigation, Exposing the Sex Secret of Our Suburbs (2010).pdf Wadsworth - Sexuality Now, Embracing Diversity 3rd Ed (2010).pdf Wiley - Assessing Risk in Sex Offenders (2008).pdf Wiley - Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders with Intellectual Disabilities (2010).pdf Wiley - Derald - Microaggressions in Everyday Life, Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation (2010).pdf Wiley - Juvenile Sexual Offending, Causes, Consequences, and Correction (2010).pdf WSP - How New Humans Are Made - Cells and Embryos, Twins and Chimeras, Left and Right, MindSelfSoul, Sex, and Schizophrenia (2010)

Social Psychology (Files: 63)

AP Press - Advances in Experimental Social Psychology Vol.42 (2010).pdf Auburn Press - Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness and Disability Among African Americans (1998).pdf Blackwell - The New Science of Intimate Relationships (2002).pdf Blackwell - The Psychology of Social and Cultural Diversity (2010).pdf


Blackwell - The Vygotsky Reader (1994).pdf Blackwell - Understanding Vygotsky, A Quest for Synthesis (1991).pdf Cambridge - Black Soul White Artifact, Fanon's Clinical Psychology and Social Theory (1983).pdf Cambridge - Embodied Grounding, Social Cognitive Affective and Neuroscientific Approaches (2008).pdf Cambridge - Jon Elster - The Multiple Self, Studies of Rationality and Social Change (1995).pdf Cambridge - Privacy and Social Freedom (1992).pdf Cambridge - Social Constructionism, Sources and Stirrings in Theory and Practice (2010).pdf Cambridge - Social Support and Psychiatric Disorder (1995).pdf Cambridge - The Psychology of Crime, A Social Science Textbook (1993).pdf Edward Arnold - Social Psychology and Second Language Learning, The Role of Attitudes and Motivation (1985).pdf Elsevier - Blind Alleys in Social Psychology, A Search for Ways Out (1988).pdf Emerald - The Social Science of Hayek's The Sensory Order (2010).pdf Guilford - Individual Differences in Social Behavior (2009).pdf Guilford - Social Psychological Foundations of Clinical Psychology (2010).pdf Guilford - Theory Construction and Model-Building Skills, A Practical Guide for Social Scientists (2010).pdf Harvard - Keeping Together In Time, Dance and Drill in Human History (1995).pdf Harvard - Vygotsky and the Social Formation of Mind (1985).pdf IOS Press - Activating Psychosocial Local Resources in Territories Affected By War and Terrorism (2009).pdf Jessica Kingsley - Social Capital and Mental Health (2006).pdf Jessica Kingsley - The Bullies, The Rationale of Bullying (2008).pdf John Benjamins - Impoliteness in Interaction (2008).pdf LEA - Attitudes and Opinions, 3rd Ed (2005).pdf LEA - Social Psychology, 2nd Ed (2002).pdf LFB - Kevin M. Beaver - The Nature and Nurture of Antisocial Outcomes (2008).pdf McGraw-Hill - Brown - Psychology and the Social Order (1936).pdf McGraw-Hill - Intimate Relationships 3rd Ed (2001).pdf MIT Press - Why We Cooperate, Based on the 2008 tanner lectures on Human Values at Stanford (2009).pdf Norton - Loneliness, Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection (2008).pdf Other Press - Subjective Experience and the Logic of the Other (2006).pdf Oxford - Advanced Social Psychology, The State of Science (2010).pdf Oxford - Group Creativity, Innovation Through Collaboration (2003).pdf Oxford - Methods Matter, Improving Causal Inference in Educational and Social Science Research (2011).pdf Oxford - Relational Being, Beyond Self and Community (2009).pdf Oxford - Self Control in Society, Mind, and Brain (2010).pdf Oxford - Silencing the Self Across Cultures, Depression and Gender in The Social World (2010).pdf Pearson - Social Psychology 12th Ed (2006).pdf Picador - Mirroring People, The Science of How We Connect with Others (2009).pdf Praeger - Life with Chronic Illness Social and Psychological Dimensions (1998).pdf Psych Press - Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior (2009).pdf Psych Press - The Social Outcast, Ostracism, Social Exclusion, Rejection, and Bullying (2005).pdf Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - People On Our Minds, When Humanized Contexts Activate Social Norms (2008).pdf Rijksuniversiteit Groningen - The Self in Social Rejection (2009).pdf Routledge - Connections Brain, Mind, and Culture in Social Anthropology (2002).pdf Routledge - Cross Cultural Awareness and Social Justice in Counseling (2009).pdf Routledge - Psychology for the Classroom - Constructivism and Social Learning (2010).pdf Routledge - The Social Psychology of the Classroom (2009).pdf Routledge - Working in Social Work, the Real World guide to Practice Settings (2009).pdf Royal Socety - Social Intelligence, from Brain to Culture (2007).pdf Royal Society - The Neurobiology of Social Recognition, Attraction and Bonding (2006).pdf SAGE - Applied Social Psychology (1996).pdf SAGE - Constructing Identities, The Social, the Nonhuman and Change (1996).pdf SAGE - Metacognition, Cognitive and Social Dimension (1998).pdf SAGE - Understanding Conflict and Conflict Analysis (2008).pdf


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Society and Psychology (Files: 57)

AEI Press - Rethinking Rehabilitation, Why Cant We Reform Our Criminals (2004).pdf Amber Lotus - The End of Patriarchy, And The Dawning of a Tri-une Society (1994).pdf Ashgate - Melancholy and the Care of the Soul (2007).pdf Basic Books - Thought Contagion, How Beliefs Spreads Through Society (1996).pdf Blackwell - Understanding Organ Donation, Applied Behavioral Science Perspectives (2010).pdf Boydell Press - Mental Health Care in Modern England (2003).pdf Cambridge - Psychologists on the March, Science, Practice, and Professional Identity in America, 1929-1969 (1999).pdf Cambridge - Religion, Culture and Mental Health (2006).pdf Cambridge - Terrorism and Torture, An Interdisciplinary Perspective (2009).pdf Cambridge - The Professionalization of Psychology in Nazi Germany (2008).pdf CUP - Child Welfare for the Twenty-First Century, A Handbook of Practices, Policies, and Programs (2005).pdf Elsevier - The Human Resources Revolution, Research and Practice (2006).pdf Erik H. Erikson - Childhood and Society (1987).pdf Fawcet - Erich Fromm - The Sane Society (1955).pdf Free Press - The Geography Of Thought, How Asians & Westerners Think Differently... And Why (2003).pdf Harvard - Mesmerism, and the End of the Enlightenment in France (1968).pdf Harvard - Restraining Rage, The Ideology of Anger Control in Classical Antiquity (2001).pdf Harvard - The Natural History of Alcoholism Revisited (1995).pdf HKUP - Death, Dying and Bereavement, A Hong Kong Chinese Experience (2006).pdf IOS Press - Building Terrorism Resistant Communities, Together Against Terrorism (2009).pdf Jessica Kingsley - Betraying the NHS, Health Abandon (2007).pdf John O'Gorman - Psychology as a Profession in Australia (2007).pdf Joseba Zulaika - Terrorism The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy (2009).pdf LEA - Psychology's Territories, Historical and Contemporary Perspectives from Different Disciplines (2007).pdf McFarland - Madness, An American History of mental Illness and Its Treatment (2010).pdf McGraw-Hill - Mental Health Policy and Practice Across Europe (2007).pdf McGraw-Hill - The Southwest Airlines Way - Using the Power of Relationships to Achieve High Performance (2003).pdf MIT - Dark Ages, The Case for a Science of Human Behavior (2006).pdf NOVA - War and Suicide (2009).pdf OECD - Post-Public Employment (2010).pdf Oxford - Back to the Asylum, The Future of Mental Health Law and Policy in the United States (1992).pdf Oxford - Evaluation for Risk of Violence in Juveniles (2010).pdf Oxford - Hope in the Age of Anxiety (2009).pdf Oxford - Why Do You Ask The Function of Questions in Institutional Discourse (2010).pdf Palgrave - Forced Displacement, Why Rights Matter (2008).pdf Palgrave - Race and Early Childhood Education, An International Approach to Identity, Politics, and Pedagogy (2009).pdf Pergamon Press - Making Sense of Television (1990).pdf Praeger - Making Enemies, Humiliation and International Conflict (2006).pdf Praeger - The Psychology of Death in History (2004).pdf Praeger - The Psychology of Peacekeeping (1998).pdf RAND - Conversations with Enemy Soldiers in Late 1969 Early 1969, A Study of Motivation and Morale (2004).pdf Rodopi - The Stepchildren of Science, Psychical Research and Parapsychology in Germany, c.1870-1939 (2009).pdf Routledge - Genre and Television, From Cop Shows to Cartoons in American Culture (2004).pdf


Routledge - States of Knowledge, The co-production of Science and Social Order (2004).pdf Sourcebooks - Beyond my Control, Forbidden fantasies in an Uncensored Age (2009).pdf Springer - Assisting Victims of Terrorism, Towards a European Standard of Justice (2010).pdf Springer - Communicating Science in Social Contexts, New models, New Practices (2008).pdf Springer - The Heart of Intimate Abuse, New Interventions in Child Welfare, Criminal Justice, and Health Settings (1998).pdf Springer - Trauma Rehabilitation After War and Conflict, Community and Individual Perspectives (2010).pdf Swan-Raven - Human Robots & Holy Mechanics, Reclaiming our Souls in a Machine World (1993).pdf UCP - Our Children, Their Children - Confronting Racial and Ethnic Differences in American Juvenile Justice (2005).pdf UCP - The Making of Psychological Anthropology (1978).pdf UHP - Japanese American Trauma, Racial Performativity and World War II (2008).pdf UNCP - Psychology and Selfhood in the Segregated South (2009).pdf Westview - Culture of Honor, The Psychology of Violence in the South (1996).pdf WHO - Economic Aspects of the Mental Health System (2006).pdf Wiley - The Scientific Basis of Child Custody Decisions (2009).pdf

Special Needs (Files: 102)

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Statistics (Files: 30)

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Therapy and Counseling (Files: 111)

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Pseudoscience (Files: 62)

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Psycho Biography (Files: 7)

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Psychoanalysis (Files: 52)

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