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You & Me... & Our Relationship...


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Steps to fall in Love- Unedited Original RAW version...


Upon closer observation you would notice love is nothing but a certain set of situations which makes You go crazy, there's nothing supernatural in it, its about a few calculation & You ride it or trip down.

Steps to fall in Pseudo Love

>1st You get attracted to her only if she catches your eye's attention, if You find her

cute/beautiful/charming/pretty (whatever)

>2nd You will measure the scope of You two being together(ACCORDING TO SCIENCE OF SEX
APPEAL( DISCOVERY CHANNEL) Usually, WE approach only those, whom we believe to be within Reach! i.e. with equal or slightly higher BEAUTY appeal & if we fail only then do we compromise

& step down our expectations!))

>3rd You will muster courage to talk to her by pushing aside the -ve thoughts.

>4th You will talk to her n if she is nice You will start dreaming about her n if she doesnt pay back much Attention a>EITHER You will forget her n move on, labelling her as full of attitude. b>OR if you were too much infatuated by her appearance, you will try harder to generate her interest in You, n if SHE still Doesnt React, EITHER You will console Yourself by saying that SHE was just a crush or You will have a heartbreak n will take around 2-3 months to recover, till You have a close friend upon whom You will soon develop a crush (may be)REBOUND

>5th if SHE shows (limited)interest, you will start nourishing feelings for her & perhaps due to constant contact even She may be inclined towards You

>6th BUT if SHE reciprocates equally, You will soon lose interest in her & SHE will be

Disappointed & confused, while figuring out the cause behind this upturn when You Yourself initiated (but in actual SHE herself is responsible for letting You have that attention more than what You deserved) OR >7th you may have a love story for a while but soon we will get bored when we see the better options N thats how it goes, we all are interested in something as long as its challenging, once it becomes freely available it is doomed to lose our interest.

When we buy a new shirt/shoes/watch or anything, we are so fascinated by it, but gradually it loses its attraction whereas for the people around us it remains amazing. In Love & Success, we are always too free during the start, but as the time progresses we are no longer as much available to the ones related to us & that gives rise to mis {conceptions,interpretations ,understandings }.
So where actually does the divine love come? Was what all happened deserves to be called as love?? They used to say, beauty is a bitch, its the supreme evil, beware of it & I used to consider it a hokum & a cliche, but the bitter truth is what we all want is, that sense of achievement, we all wanna be seen with a beautiful mate, since that makes the rest feel jealous n boosts our inner ego that we were able to conquer that some1's heart which couldn't be tamed by a dozen others.... In short self satisfaction & ego boost & also a little bit of lust or may be not just a little...

Lust at first sight, Love till the last 1... :)/:(

It was just an INFATUATION, -seems like a Pretext for a Failed Attempt at Love!
Every time you see a girl being nice & kind to you, its not your heart telling you this is the 1, But your hormones overpowering your senses ;) Love when lost or harder to get, fuels our desire, because of 3 reasons:1> Our ego factor, we cant accept we are not getting the One we like, 2> Social convention of hearing if you dont get her/him your love might not be that true & that challenges us to prove ourselves 3> Fear of staying single & being treated as a loser!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nikhil, too young for his thoughts, is an engineering student by his karma at Uiet, Kurukshetra hailing from Panchkula Smitten by the Love bug, he delves into the creative caves and explores the side that was trying to surface itself for the past 20 years of his existence. He aspires to pursue marketing from a premier B-School. Apart from writing, he pretends to be a poet, a singer, a Debator and spends his time studying psychology, philosophy, programming, stage handling and marketing. Arrest him at or of course or at His philosophy is that behind every successful guy there is a girl who rejects him, but then had she not dumped him, he would never have been successful!