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Your name and Team #: ____________________________________ AVIATION 192

Mission # 2
(Starting: February 9, 2012)

Timed Turns while in Level Flight, Climbing & Descending

(This mission should be practiced on the Elites, but is only completed while flying the Redbird.) Each team member is expected to fly both the Elite (or Frasca) and the Redbird simulators and do the following: (1) Set the printer for the Elite to 3 mile resolution, and to see & print the both the plan and profile views. Select the Piper Arrow as the aircraft to be flown. (2) Pre-select a heading of 360E and eliminate all non-essential clutter from the map screen. (3) Pre-Set the aircraft at an altitude of 5,000 feet msl on a heading of 360E with a cruise power setting of 2,400 rpm and 23" MP while in a clean (flaps and landing gear up) configuration. (4) Precisely fly the timed 6 minute pattern below. Jot down the time(s) to the nearest second of the total elapsed time when you roll-out of each 90E of turn. When you hit each mark on time, you have passed this mission. (5) Time at End of 1st Turn ______. 2nd Turn time ______. 3rd Turn Time _______. 4th Turn Time ________.

(6) This mission should be practiced on the Elites, but completed in the Redbird. File out a copy of this sheet and place it in the DropBox for D2L. Print-out your flight TRACK and PROFILE views for this mission. Write your name, date and the Mission # on that tracking sheet and leave it on the counter near the door. (7) On your flight logs, log your time at the controls in tenths of an hour (i.e., 0.6). Complete the log by entering the date, mission #, Elite and/or Redbird machine # , time flown while VFR and while IFR. If, you have 3miles visibility or more, and flying by outside reference to the natural horizon, then youre flying VFR. If flying solely by reference to your flight instruments, then youre flying IFR.