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Name: Age :

Vineet Dontamsetty 19 years

Occupation: 3rd year Mechanical-


-Engineering student IIT Bhubaneswar. +91-9040644826

AIESECer for 4 months till now.

OGX Team member.

Raised EP codes for 2 Internship Applicants. Actively participated in AIESEC meetings.

Participated in the Exchange Program ( with LC

Samara ,Russia).
Participated in the Prelude of Alma Fiesta in

association with AIESEC Bhubaneswar in November 2010.

Maintaining good relations with many

organizations and being a social buddy.

BRIC Project ( Brazil Russia India China) Giving presentations about India & Indian Economy in

Universities & Schools

Gave presentations in 5 schools & 3 universities Have been invited for the Discussion club of Samara

State university.

Part of Global Village organized on 19th December

2010 in Samara, Russia.

Had been in almost all the parties)). Seen different kinds of people and made good contact

Played an important role in AIESEC Samara.

I have worked with international people . I have been involved with BRIC project in


I know the responsibilities of an OCP and the

project Akshar. planned.

I have the idea how a project should be

I want to be an active part of AIESEC and fulfill its

I like to explore myself & update my position from

Xchange to leadership.
Happy to make new friends. Enjoy myself in working for the good of the


I am a team worker. I have got the CEED program offer from AIESEC

Samara. Got many contacts of AIESEC Local Committees from Brazil, Columbia, Russia, China, India. It can be useful for the Out going & In coming exchanges. Made a good relationship with AIESEC Samara. We can have a bond with them.

For providing me the most beautiful experience in

my life. Thanks to Indian music- Russians loved it..(especially Tunak Tunak Tun).