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Algebraic geometry HW I, Fall 2009

Lakshmi Bai Due Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1. Let I1 and I2 be two radical ideals in a commutative ring A. (a) Show that I1 I2 is a radical ideal. (b) By means of an example, show that I1 + I2 need not be a radical ideal. 2. Let k be an algebraically closed eld. Let char k = p = 0. Dene f : A1 A1 , f (a) = ap . Show (a) f is a bijection (b) Is f an isomorphism of afne varieties ? Explain your answer. 3. Let X = A2 , U = A2 \ {(0, 0)}. Find OX (U ) and hence conclude that U is not an afne variety. 4. Let Mn (k) = {nn matrices with entries in k} be identied with An = X, say. Let Y = GLn (k) (resp. SLn (k)) where

GLn (k) = {A Mn (k)|det(A) = 0} SLn (k) = {A Mn (k)|det(A) = 1} Is Y afne ? If yes, nd the co-ordinate ring of Y . If no, explain. 5. Show that the bijection between the set of irreducible closed sets in An and k the set of prime ideals of k[x1 , x2 , . . . xn ] need not hold if k is algebraically closed, by exhibiting an irreducible polynomial in R[x, y] whose zero set in A2 is not irreducible. R