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LOOM Schools: Perfect World


The world is changing at such a dramatic pace. What sort of world have you envisioned for your children as they leave school? What are their dreams? What are their Goals? Do you know that 80% of what we write can be considered to be cast in stone, comes true? The reason it does is because we pay more attention when we are asked to write, we take the time to fully consider our most pure, heart centred wishes.

Loom schools: Perfect World allows children to use their creative imagination to not only raise vital funding for their school but also creates the world that they will be living within in the future that is full of possibilities. A flow on effect being the ability to uplift others through positive actions so that all move into what has been perceived until now as an uncertain future with renewed vigour and creating a fundamental belief system that anything is possible. The end result being that they become stand up members of the community, role models and pillars of society.

Basic Concepts: The concept of this writing is designed to instil self belief, firmly establish self awareness, confidence and the ability to step forward with continued positivity, creating a ripple effect flowing across all sectors of society. The participation in painting new visions of future landscapes and building layers of dreams, places them in a hands on position, enabling an uplifting mentality, not only for themselves BUT also for their families, their schools, their neighbours and friends and spreading further into the community.

Why do we need to something radically different right now?

Society has been calling for changes. Welfare workers and agencies are becoming more stressed as the family unit is coming under more pressure, due to the increasing constraints, mainly of time, leaving less time available for the family to nurture the goals, dreams and aspirations of the nations and indeed the entire worlds best possible outcomes. As a result of the current implications, educators have been forced to take on more of a parenting role being held accountable and responsible for the moral outcomes of our childrens futures, and in so doing placing an unfair burden on the onus of the education faculty. The onus of responsibility across all sectors is being misdirected, causing blame to be placed in unreasonable circumstances upon the framework of an over burdened society. As things stand today, those within the framework have to take on additional agendas, elevating the issues to pandemic proportions.

A Non Desired Outcome... We sit here and wonder why things are not as we perceive they should be in the world. Many children are growing up confused, becoming increasingly fearful about where their place will be in a society that seems as if it wont support their dreams.

Creating A Desired Outcome... We have spent many years researching the phenomena, witnessing the band aid cover ups, which until now have failed. We have developed a creative solution which allows all of these sectors to empower themselves, especially the children, to achieve their goals and dreams. By facilitating this solution, at the fundamental core level of the local community, creating real change is not only possible, but also entirely achievable. This creates the correct circumstances for our children to grow, not only fulfil their dreams but to be able to support others to do the same through their own actions and examples. At Prosperity Looms we understand that the children of today will carve and shape the future of tomorrow. How do we know this? We remember having been children and we are parents as well.

Ok so what do we do now? The answer is to involve our children in their own positive development. At a fundamental level continuing to instil in them the positive belief system that enables them to forge ahead with shaping their future, creating for themselves positive uplifting lives. Having been concerned parents and educators, we inherently understand the perceived value of instilling such virtues and tools within our creative lives. Isnt it time we give that gift to our children?

Weve come up with a very simple solution that enables the children to participate in such actions in its most basic elementary format.

At Prosperity Looms we have created a series of Living Books called In A Perfect World: Collective Dreams for The Worlds Future. Collective Dreams for The Worlds Future is a collection of global works in which each individual work group has full and complete ownership including the schools naming rights and localisation factors in which we provide full and complete, ongoing support and technical infrastructure to bring each schools program to full completion with minimum implications to your day to day operations leaving you with the ability to do what you do best. That is being a parent or a teacher. We are able to provide you with a formatted structure online, in your own secured portal, including tools and guidelines to assist the facilitation to oversee the collection of the writing samples and submissions. Our program proposes that one hour of your schools first term allocation be implemented as required formatting. We provide a template guide, for which the children can create their submissions.

Just one hour of their life has the ability to not only change their lives forever, but also the lives of all children and families within the community. This then creates an on flow effect to future students, who will one day ask to be participants themselves, as they witness the positive effects the process has on their peers. We would ask that this become a set requirement of the curriculum as an investment in the vital self worth of the students and the school. In so doing, establishing the groundwork to release parents, teachers and students, from the over burdening position that they are sitting in today.

Your Schools Book: In A Perfect World is classified as a Prosperity Looms Living Book title. The reason we have called Your Schools Book In A Perfect World and classified it as a Living Book title is because we have the ability, with your support, to repeat the process with no ongoing costs, with each group of students as they enter that vital senior year of Primary school, thus creating a continuing Living History of the school. This provides the school with the ability to bear witness to a society that is truly evolving, which also enables supplication of increased community support.

Prosperity Looms: Living Books Prosperity Looms specialises in Living Books, which are electronically formatted, 100% Green, and made available in our own unique, exclusive, state of the art, online environment called The Room With No Walls. The Room With No Walls is a protected environment and we can provide many additions, at no cost (thats just something we do at the Loom), to create an exquisite experience for all to access. Submissions by the school can be added too every year, thus creating a living record of our childrens views on how they see the world in which they live in.

This is because of our own proprietary publishing system that allows us to continue growing your Living Book year after year at no ongoing cost to you. Your only requirement is to oversee the collection of submissions in the structured format, that being one hour a year, and the desire to foster the dreams and aspirations of your students.

The Nuts and Bolts... THERE ARE NO CHARGES OR FEES! The service Prosperity Looms provides is free of all charges. This is because our only desire is to see a globally strong, happy and healthy world where anything is possible. Each individual primary school is allocated their unique, individual Living Book which includes on the cover their schools name, specific class name (Grade 5 Red or Grade 6 Green) and we can also include your specific school logo. If your school has a number of Grade 5 and 6 classes, we are able to do multiple additions which foster increased unity between the year levels. Prosperity Looms will provide each school their own unique portal where we collect your submissions, do the technical developments for your Living Book in our Perfect World Series and provide access for distribution and marketing support, returning to the school 80% of RRP on a monthly ongoing basis. This creates a permanent, living fund raising portal that never closes.

Important Note: We do not want any identifying information of the contributors (the children) we will however accept and can include illustrations. If illustrations are included we ask that any names or identifying factors be removed from them. The safety of your children is of paramount importance to us.

Lets Recap

We create your Schools own Living Book Project, using our own proprietary system, allowing us to keep your ongoing work in the spotlight, and keep taking your schools vision, into the world on a never ending basis. We collect submissions on your behalf and produce for you a Living Book, using 100% green technology. We never use paper. We work on your behalf to co-ordinate delivery of your Living Book within our own system to increase awareness, spread new consciousness and place an item of true ongoing lifetime value into the hands of your students, parents and communities. You never have to handle anything as we take care of all of it. You just have to organise the program within the school. We spread through our own marketing techniques your name, your logo, and your childrens vision for A Perfect World on a never ending, ongoing basis. We use your art work to produce electronic imaging to support your Living Book Project. We have the capacity to run out first edition work within 30 working days from agreement. We provide you with advertising opportunities and access to our own data bases already standing at numbers for 20 million recipients.

We provide you with linkage and access to support your organization at no charge to you. We create for you an eternal Living Legacy, that will stand the test of time, when buildings crumble, the words that we spoke remain, and continue to remain, creating new worlds for all of time. We return to you 80% of all your work receipted through our system on a monthly basis, without fail, with full reporting. We provide you with ongoing support through our technical services department... If you have questions you just may be surprised at our answers. When you adopt our program for the pursuit of happiness of all of our childrens future, you not only create revenue for your immediate needs and desires, but you paint a landscape of dreams and hope upon your direct community, as well as the global community, as we all turn towards the future, which is in the hands of your children NOW.....

If you would like any further information about our program please visit us HERE

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Perfect Words Prosperity Looms 2012

Perfect Words Prosperity Looms 2012