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Mrs. Koharchik Grade Language Arts 2011-2012

E-mail: Phone number: 873-2426 ext. 13704 Edublog: A. Materials to bring to class Red Language Arts folder Loose leaf paper Red pen Pen/pencils Highlighter Netbook Silent reading book Necessary class novels or texts B. Conduct/Behavior The RULE: BE RESPECTFUL - Be respectful to the classroom. - You are expected to be respectful to your classmates and teacher. This includes staying seated during class, raising your hand, cleaning up after yourself, being on time, and treating others as you would like to be treated. - Respect yourself, your classmates, and Ms. Reed by coming prepared and on time to class. It is your responsibility to bring all of your required materials to class every day. C. Novels The GiverLois Lowry A Christmas CarolCharles Dickens As You Like ItWilliam Shakespeare D. Library and Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) Students will have access to the library on Wednesdays. Students are expected to have a silent reading book at all times. Students will have SSR on Thursday during SOAR. Students are expected to be prepared with a book, and students will receive participation points for their participation. Reading Counts is mandatory 2nd and 4th semesters. E. Word Within a Word (WWW) WWW is cumulative throughout the year WWW test dates are posted on Angel D. Field Trip Students will attend IRTs production of A Christmas Carol on Wednesday, November 30th. Attire is dressyno jeans or t-shirts