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Infinitiv Sim Past e ple Partici Past ple A arise arose awa awoke ke B be was,we re bear bore

Infin Simpl Past itive e Past Partici ple arisen awoken M misla y mista ke O overt overto overtak ake ok en P pay paid prov proved e put put Q quit quit R read read rid rid,rid ded ride rode ring rang rise rose run ran S saw sawed sawed,s awn say said said see saw seen seek sought sought sell sold sold send sent sent set set set sew sewed sewn,se wed shak shook shaken e shav shaved shaved, read rid,ridd ed ridden rung risen run quit E paid proved, proven put mislai mislaid d mistoo mistake k n D


choo se clin g com e cost cree p cut deal dig do dra w drea m

chose clung came cost crept cut dealt dug did drew

chosen clung come cost crept cut dealt dug done drawn dreame d,dream t drunk driven

borne,b orn beat beat beaten beco became become me begi began begun n bend bent bent bet bet bet bid bid bid bind bound bound bite bit bitten blee bled bled d blo blew blown w brea broke broken k bree bred bred d brin brought brought g broa broadca broadca dcas st st t buil built built d burn burned, burned, burnt burnt burs burst burst t buy bought bought cast cast cast catc caught caught h

dreame d,drea mt drin drank k driv drove e eat F fall feed feel fight find fit flee fling fly forbi d fore cast foret ell forg et forgi ve fell fed felt fought found fit fled flung flew forbade ate


fallen fed felt fought found fit fled flung flown forbidd en forecast forecast foretold foretold forgot forgotte n forgave forgive n

e shear sheare d shine shone shoot shot show showe d shrin shrank k shut shut sing sang sink sank,s unk sit sat slay slew sleep slept slide slid slit slit smell smelle d,smel t snea sneake k d,snuc k spea spoke k spee sped d spell spelled ,spelt spen spent d spill spilled ,spilt spin spun spit spat,sp it split split spoil spoiled ,spoilt sprea spread d sprin sprang g stand stood steal stole

shaven sheared ,shorn shone shot showed ,shown shrunk shut sung sunk sat slain slept slid slit smelled ,smelt sneaked ,snuck spoken sped spelled, spelt spent spilled, spilt spun spat,spi t split spoiled, spoilt spread sprung stood stolen

fors forsook forsake ake n free froze frozen ze G get gotten,g ot give gave given go went gone grin ground ground d gro grew grown w H hang have hear hide hit hold hurt K keep knee l knit kept knelt,k neeled knit,kni tted kno knew w L lay laid lead led lean leaned,l eant leap leaped,l eapt lear learned, n learnt leav left e lend lent let let lie lay light lighted, lit laid led leaned,l eant leaped,l eapt learned, learnt left lent let lain lighted,l it kept knelt,kn eeled knit,kni tted known hung had heard hid hit held hurt hung had heard hidden hit held hurt T got

stick stuck sting stung stink stank,s tunk strew strewe d strike struck

stuck stung stunk strewn

struck,s tricken strin strung strung g strive strove striven swea swore sworn r swee swept swept p swell swelle swelled d ,swolle n swim swam swum swin swung swung g

take teach tear tell think

took taught tore told though t thro threw w thrus thrust t U unde rgo unde rstan d unde rtake upset W wake woke under went unders tood

taken taught torn told thought thrown thrust

undergo ne underst ood

undert underta ook ken upset upset


lose lost M mak made e mea meant n meet met

lost made meant met

wear wore weav wove, e weave d weep wept wet wet,we tted win won wind wound with withdr draw ew wrin wrung g write wrote

worn woven, weaved wept wet,wet ted won wound withdra wn wrung written