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Happy Thanksgiving ! 10 Creative Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving 1 A Thanksgiving Story - Seaside a fw moments on Thanksgiving Day to st even and rod a Thanksgiving story with your family: 2+ A Thanksgiving Poem or Prayer - Take onthe fly projet of writing & ‘Thanksgiving poem oc prayer togetier. 3A Thanksgiving Bible Verse ~ Ack cach family memb 1 ead a favorite Bible verse bof the Thanksgiving meal 4A Thanksgiving Memory - During Thanksgiving dine, ask each tamil member share a favorite Thanksgiving memoey 5 - Thanksgiving Communion - Plan a time of family Communion on ‘Thanksiving to give thanks by remembering Chris ie, death and reset, (6-A Thanksgiving Blessing -avite a widows, single pots or someone who is lomo to share in your family Thanksgiving mea 7A Thanksgiving Day Parade oF Play - Pat on your own Thanksgiving Day rode or "pilgrim play" wi amily, ends nd neighbors 8A Thanksgiving Offering - Prepare a Thanksgiving offering fo give toa eed Family or one of your fvorite charities 9A Thanksgiving Adoption - Adopt a family at Tankspving by providing thei Thanksgiving mel groceries in advance 10 A Thanksgiving Football Game - Pn 3 neighborhood football game for Thanksgiving weckend MOTHERING The Main Attraction Arraal Gkristras Tea, ‘Our MOPS annual Christmas te wil ke pleat ur next MOPS meeting. December Sth This wil be & morning fil with fan, fellowship and lots of yummy food Cncluding chocolate fondue). You as encouraged fo vite a mom. sister or frend RSVP ae roquied and mst Be Reid By Monday December Isc [Niki Boyles 49944092 o prstotra2@mencom. Bars Bitch wil be resenting “Pages fom Man's Scaphook - A Message of Hopef@FGHFsina", and each ges will ake home a special gi, In order to make our ea exra Special Ws ik Iades Wo host ble. You would be responsible for decorating table with 8 Maid comtepiove and peoviding china or ‘other Christmas dishes forthe miss oP your table, IPinlrested in hosing. please contact Naomi a 494-0936 of uthomasafalconbroadband com, SPEAKERS & CRAFTS MoTuerin Under the Big Ep Juggling Acts “sTAY GONNEGTED™ [ort "gee CARA Ma YT Wud jou ike ot in touch wthyour [2 vidi it iad & : ‘Paid Nursery Workers - Ractiant (Church is looking to hire nursery MOPS friends throughout the week? Visit four own MOPS blog at As the winter months draw apneic aman near, we ike to remind yOu of Tee etl Sayan ‘wow! ey ae eee — eee ‘Wednestay services Ir Distriet 11 is eanected oF on | Grintoestd, please contact Each year our MOPS group sponsors a family that a delay due to inclement could use a tle help during the holiday season. A Rachael Relive 79 08 weather, our MOPS meeting |, toes oat Wy thesignin Poeaneeiman table with ot QP osnamenis tha ill be canceled, We will meet adress specific needs again on the next regularly for this year's family, Please achednled ia ‘ date purchase the item liste, wrap your gif attach the ‘omament othe ouside ofthe package and return Congratulations! Ve. cam The Concession Stand umpkin Pie Pudding Dinah Campbell weloomed baby gol . a " _ PRESS ae Bla tothe world on November 6h MME] cromocmenrctnit ECT a ners a Te ee Gboe gR) esate MBG) Sse coins os a pee at HF on low for 7 hours o until | Bi | satires wie cele Rec 00 | atest goes ae tj eommrvamscane ee i nce a (ee