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INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM Test Report Form a eee NOTE | Actnission 1 undergraduate and postgraduate courses shouldbe based on the ACADEMIC Reading and Wing Modules. GENERAL TRAINING Reading and Wing Modules are not designed f tos the fll rang of language stil required for academic purposes. ‘tis recommended that the candidate's language ability as inccated inthis Test Report Form be fe-essessed afer wo years rom the Cate ofthe test CRESS eens eens Centre Number 16430 | Date | 16/FEB/2008 | Candidate Number pee | {ERRORS OE OSES SEES Leese es] Candidate Details es —— oe es ares pet Te Soe eee ee (eos ere eed Foss] cero Date of Birth 04/05/1980 | Sex(WF) | Mm | Scheme Code Private Candidate ja Country or SOR] Ofte Cole POR OS j Region of | India | Malayalam OrgInS ee eee Fe kargliagec( eo Repeating [| Previous { o oe saRrevloia 5 [ove e eee aero tects vn) | TestDate) TestCentre, Seto eS Test Results Administrator Comments Writing Examiner | Administrator's Number | i ‘Signature jiner | ] [| Test Report Form ‘Speaking Ears ahs | vate 27022008 Number | | [ __ Number BRITISH ,EL1s UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE COUNCIL idp“ AUSTRALIA ESOL Examinations The validity of this IELTS Test Report Form can be verified online by recognising organisations at hitps:/