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Returning to the womb, when one’s sex is thought to be determined, feminists believed sex itself is pointless and rather an unfortunate factor in deciding who gets to bea girl and who gets to be a boy, as well as deciding that the only things to be in life are either a girl Babies born today are more likely to be born to parents who understand how culture comes to construct an individual’s gender and how maybe, through guidance and education, children of future generations can create a world that is free from patriarchy and specific genders. By deconstructing reality, future generations may be able to create a new reality. Today, body parts and appearances can easily be changed. Ambiguity is a term use to describe those whose gender is not quite certain, and that’s alright. These individuals are often thought to be straddling the gender binary as they do not specifically appear as a man or a woman. Look at how you're dressed. honey. I'd say you're pretty ambiguous. Wow, mother! Could | be ambiguous and create a new reality?