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g Women sought poetry as a form of expression that used language and could be considered pure and untouched my paternal or As the budding young feminist I’m molding you into, it’s only a matter of time until you'll have that big figurative sledgehammer in your hands. Now then, as | was saying, these patriarchy- smashing women wanted to take power out of : the hands of men and essentially eliminate male-based influence. The power completely. Authority could not be pecuin te the maternal, as abused and used to control others if it didn’t’ they called it, was thought exist. Women recognized that men had used to bea return to words, their abilities to read and write to control oe and language culture, and that language itself was masculinist before it became and inevitably belittled those who were not influenced by culture and male, white and upper-class. patriarchy. Before toddlers learn to speak and learn the correct ways to act and behave, they are thought to be practically blank canvases or balls of clay that can be molded by a culture’s beliefs and values. Feminists believed there was a way to go back to this blank time, that information could be erased and that reality itself could be taken apart and put back together.