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a 2 Copyright © Wel Name Date Tim oe Family Your child has been using milimeters to learn about decimal place value. This page Note offers a way to practice with millimeters and other metric measurements. Have your child use the ruler at the bottom of the page to answer the questions. Please return this Home Link to school tomorrow. A queen termite is drawn above the ruler at the bottom of the page. Itis 5 millimeters long. ‘A queen termite shown larger than actual size 4. How many termites would fit on: a. 1 centimeter? ___ b. 5 centimeters? ce. 10 centimeters? —__ d. 50 centimeters? e. 1 meterstick? f. 3 metersticks? 2. What would be the length of a chain of 60 termites? a. _______ centimeters b, _______ meters ec. _______ millimeters 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 cm (eateeTT ———OOOSSOOCSSCS =7x8 5. 9X7=__ 6 = 6X7 151