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HONG KONG EXAMINATIONS AUTHORITY HONG KONG CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION EXAMINATION 1987 pe RS— PHYSICS PAPER |! 8:30 am-10.00 am (14 hou This paper must be answered in English ‘Answer SIX questions only, choosing at least ONE question from each of the Sections A, B and C. Each question carries 15 marks. ‘The last page of this question paper cont formulae which you may find useful. a7.CEPHY 4 102 Take g = 10ms* SECTION A. Figue 1 shows an expetinental setup 10 fn the mcr po find the actrnon due 10 gravity g. The ticker-tape timer produces 50 dots per second. : ® direction of motion of paper tape e7cerny 1-2 103 © © @ Figure 2 shows tape obtained from the experiment. (@) Find the time interval represented by AB. (i) Calculate the a ime intervals ry speed of the metal ball M during the ied by the part of strip (1) between A and B, and 2) between C and D. (ii) From (i), calculate the value of g from this experiment (6 marks) State TWO precautions that should be taken in this expe (2 marks) How would the result of g obtained from the experiment be affected if the metal ball was replaced by a ping-pong ball ? Explain briefly G marks) ‘The mass of the metal ball M is 0.5 kg. It is released from a height of 1 m from the floor. Taking g = 10 ms", cal @ the speed of the ball just before it strikes the floor, and Gi) the average force the ball would exert on the floor, assuming that the ball was stopped by the floor in 0.1 s and the ball did not rebound. (4 marks) a7cePHY 1-3 ‘A bob of mass 0.1 kg is suspended by 1 light inextesible string as shown in figue 3. The bob is released from ret at A, which is 0.2 m higher than B the lowest point of suspension. oo Find the potential energy loss of the bob when it swings from Ato B, (i) Find the speed of the bob at B. (Gil) there any work done by the tension of the string when the bbob moves from A to B? Explain briefly (7 marks) (b) Describe briefly a method to measure the speed of the bob at B. (4 marks) (©) The swing is interrupted by a pin P when the bob reaches B. The highest point then reached by the bob on the other side is C (not shown in the diagram) (What is the height of C above B? (i) IF the string breaks when the bob is at C, sketch a diagram to ‘the path of the subsequent motion of the bob. In your siagram, indicate the position of C. (4 marks) aT-CEPHY 4 os Figure 4 A large balloon is filed with hot air to volume of 230 m* and has total weight of 2500 N. It is fixed to the ground by a vertical light rope as shown in figure 4, Assume that the density of the surrounding air 1s 12 kgm (@) @ Calculate the upthrust acting on the balloon. What isthe tension in the rope ? (4-marks) © @ balloon is released by cut acceleration of the balloon rope, what is the (i) Now, if @ horizontal wind exerts a force of 150 N on the balloon, (2) draw a diagram showing all the forces acting on the balloon, and (2) calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant Force acting on the balloon. (@ marks) (©) Explain why the balloon, after moving a long di. ance, would stop rising when the air inside cools down. ao ST-CEPHY 1-8 106 rereiry ] Figure 5 'A mercury thread is trapped in a uniform bored capillary tube which ia ‘sed in an experiment to verify Chales’ law (see Figure 5). The following data are recorded Temperature anc 20 Length of air Column Zimm {136140 |146 }152 ]186 | 160 |166 e7-CEPHY I-86 107