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Oo 8 (CHEMICAL INDUSTRY AND ENGINEERING PROGRESS osu 2006 4325 iH) BEF SR ARH PM A A HD A IA OL ARE, FOR eB TATRA ROTTS, RIMAGE, AS10641) C16 MR LIL, RAMINIE IS HMR MOET Bente, SARA IEIR SRC BAR IRIS AD IRAE, AR Pe HOR OU RSE ARMM RA, RSE ET LNA Sa Ape AAAI (TRICO EM, JHE T ALLA btth ak, PULA, eR LON RIE, AREER OR A ERR RE, BES A UO OTIS RMSE HAM: HAMA RHA, AA RAUL AOA HRA RH OO, ILIBSIE RAHA GRRE. ERAGE CAR TRE, SHAMAMALMRIMT RTT. SRR: MIRE; IDE: ik: AANA: Ase Optimization of HEN based on ;asap-arcund of fractionator and structure tiny 2¢justments BAI Qiuyun, LI Guoging (Key Laboratory of Enhanced Heat Transfer and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Education, South China University of Technology Guangzhou 510641 ) Abstract: The optimization of fractionator system and HEN system must integrate to reach the highest ‘energy utilization level, for they are related closely. A new thought was proposed here: using ‘pump-around heat to cooperate HEN with fractionator system. Optimize the operation of fractionator system, then use the principle of pinch technology, build a new HEN under the new condition, adjust heat exchangers those across pinch point. Example showed that the method built in this paper was feasible, Key words: heat exchanger network: fractionator: es FT PE Aa Me Te AR PE, IGE TRA MRT LR, MiB REFE ER ORBL FUG Mn dERLAE Teh AR PRA Cen BL, MSR, MN A t H HERRERA, CEPRUEP Nae RE TUTE SPSL TEA MILER A FNRI LR, Se UY TEA AT RE SERIAL TAR, MTB Abe AER A A REI ERR AER AIMS, BRT PART AREER. ASCE REFERS AR nRorga. AR SULTAN LER CEL A OF FH EE, HERAT Aa AA ASSURE A HE AD pump-around; pinch technology: revamping KAR, PA TLR PC REET TUG fe RIP PA, Re PO AEE, HAIER TNL F HORUS BE the TRA: AL, Ze BRA R BRACE MIRE ERB AL A a RR AOR Lie HF OUI hs FBT RA OER”, a AP RA TT I i, DE MERE Se eNO ARE, SEALE HULA Ae RA Hk. Moa GRE GON. &. MEME RA ma. seas oe 1 BIR SG BHT HB a he AE ATR AK HUE SRT” BBO", AEM RR eA. HRCA AA TA I A). AAA ROO, Cm NTT, HEPES AMIN RE TR, PUM A TRANMERE, MAT BUA MINN HIME RAIL, ERI URE TR RAE REMY OY. BTL, Beth ret ff He REET RES SHE RAINE OR. HA HONEA A He LR, PASE, RR RE EE RY igi dc RG BE I SUT Eli. TARP. BPA AN