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Industrial Economics and Principles of Management (IEPM)

CSE, IT, MIE Vth Semester

Important Questions

1. What is law of demand? Explain in brief determinants of demand?

2. Why do demand curve always slope downward to right. Will it always happen?
3. Show the price effect is combination of two effects:
a) Income effect
b) Substitution effect
4. Write short note on (any two):
a) Income and price elasticity of demand
b) Elasticity of supply
5. What is indifference curve and what are its characteristics.
6. Define money and bring out the various functions of money in brief.
7. What is inflation? List out the determinants of price-inflation and suggest measure to control the
price inflation.
8. What is modern banking system? Summarize the functions of a commercial and central bank.
9. Discuss effect of inflation on:
a) Industrialist
b) Debtors and Creditors
c) Consumers
10. Discuss various value of money.
11. Define management and trace out its exact nature.
12. What are the basic elements of scientific management
13. What are the major functions of management? Briefly explain them.
14. Describe short note on:
a) Contribution of Max Weber
b) Contribution of Taylor
15. Describe Fayol’s Contribution related functions of management.
16. What is perception? How does the management affluence the perception of its employees?
17. State and explain the important principles of learning and highlight the role and importance of
learning in training and development.
18. Write short notes (any two):
a) Factor affecting human behavior
b) Group behavior
c) Personality development
19. Give a brief account on interpersonal relationship.
20. Explain models of human behavior in brief.