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Hanlon, Alan---Kreutzer Etutes**** Byrne, Ed--Functional Jazz Guitar Galbraith, Barry---Guitar Comping Greene, Ted--Chord Chemistry Greene, Ted---Jazz

Guitar Single Note Soling, Vol 1 Roberts, Howard--Chord Melody Roberts, Howard--Jazz Guitar in 20 Weeks Segovia, Andres--Scale Studies Juris, Vic-Inside/Outside Juris, Vic--Modern Chords and Advanced Harmony Willmott, Bret, Mel Bay's Complete Book of Harmony and Voicing Smith, Johnny --Complete Johnny Smith Approach to Guitar Duncan, Charles--Modern Approach to Classical Guitar Repertoire Goodrick, Mick--The Advancing Guitarist Pizzarelli, Bucky--the Romance of the Chordal Guitar Sound Damian, Joe---The Guitarist's Guide to Composing and Improvising Hamilton, Fred--Melodic Studies, A reading Workout for Serious Musicians Faria, Nelson, the Brazilian Guitar Book Kostner, Dennis, the Keys to Flamenco Guitar Green, Andrew---Jazz Guitar Technique: Breaking the Skill Barrier Ben-Hur, Roni--Talk Jazz Guitar--the (Barry Harris Method) Thomas, John--Guitar Voice Leading: Moving Through the Changes Sebestian, Romane and Derek, L'Espirit Manoche: A Comprehensive Study of Gypsy G uitar