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Tactical Vehicle Armor

composite armor solutions

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP) and 3TEX, Inc. have joined forces to provide state of the art composite armor solutions to protect against current and future threats. The result is superior armor technologies from one of the most reputable names in the defense industry. GDATP offers a complete product line of vehicle armor solutions, including lightweight solutions for Long Term Armor Strategy (LTAS) at threshold and objective requirements, as well as other applications of bolt-on and structural vehicle armor, and ballistic liner materials. Our armor products demonstrate improved damage tolerance, excellent edge and multi-hit capability, and minimal back face deformation. These solutions offer superior armor protection against a wide variety of penetrators to include armor piercing and IED/mine blast type threats, at a reduced weight and competitive cost. Our composite and ceramic-composite solutions incorporate proprietary three-dimensionally woven fabrics in combination with conventional ceramic materials. These armor systems are tailorable to specific requirements by using combinations of low cost fibers and high-strength ballistic fibers within the 3WEAVE laminate. Our team can engineer solutions to optimize cost, weight, and performance for your application.

Advanced Composite Armor Technology Lightweight solutions with superior performance when compared to metallic solutions Superior multi-hit, multi-threat capabilities to include 7.62mm Tungsten Carbide and AP, 12.7mm AP, 14.5mm B32 AP, 0.50 Cal AP, 20mm FSP, and IED threats. Cost competitive with current armor systems solutions Superior edge performance and multi-hit damage tolerance Structural performance for use as panels, doors, and hatches Customizable for specific performance, weight, or cost constraints Ideal for B-kit designs and other add-on armor applications

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