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1. How does organizational culture change? a.

Most change is evolutionary and unconscious takes a long time and evolves (but can be rapid and continuous) b. Can change when an organization is faced by a major challenge or major challenges members of the organization are aware of the change when they confront problems (Can be triggered by financial or political pressures) and they make various strategies (puzzle solving, reflection, analysis) to solve/combat these problems. c. When a company (there is a need) reorganizes its structure or the whole company d. Financial or political pressures can be a call for the organization to change e. Existence of conflict can trigger change f. When the members of the organization change their beliefs, routines and actions g. When other beliefs and values become instilled h. When a new leader in appointed he or she can change the culture i. When old behaviours give way to new behaviours 2. How can change be brought into an organization effectively? a. Involvement of outsiders (observers and consultants) can look at things without bias and can challenge beliefs and Outsiders can bring about other observations into the open b. Focus on the problem areas c. Focus on the issues that influence the behaviour and expectations d. Transparency e. New leadership (EMPOWERED LEADER) can initiate change and certain ways of understanding and behaviour f. Commitment to change the culture g. Willingness to change (openness for change) h. Consensus/agreement i. Clear communication j. Openness k. Clear policies and information l. Balance on participation and consultation m. Participation n. Monitoring and evaluation o. Executive support p. Training q. Understanding (each other) 3. Why is organizational culture and organizational change a management concern? a. Can be a factor that can influence the effectiveness of the organization b. Keeps the organization going c. Affects choices and strategies d. Shows how the organization works and how it approaches problems e. Can influence the performance of organization