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Lute Songs O John Dowland Transcribed for Voice and Guitar a ae lec Lute Songs of John Dowland The Original First and Second Books Including Dowland’s Original Lute Tablature Transcribed for Voice and Guitar by David Nadal DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC. Mineola, New York CONTENTS Introduction vii ‘About the Transcriptions Tue SECOND BooK OF SONGS 1 I saw my Lady weep, “Tite Finst Book OF SONGS 1 I. Flow my tears TL. Sorrow, stay 1. Unguiet thoughts 4 IN, Die not before thy day I. Who ever thinks or hopes oflove 6 ——_V,__ Mourn, day is with darkness fled IIL, My thoughts ae wing’d with hopes 8-—-VI Time's eldest son, Old Age IV. If my complaints could passions move 10 (The first part) V. Can she excuse my wrongs? 12 Vil. Then sit thee down VL. Now, O now, I needs must part 4 (The second part) VIL. Dear. if you change 16 Vill. When others sing Vente VILL. Burst forth, my tears 18 (The third part) ieee bo. IX Praise blindness eves X. Thinker thou then by thy ftgning —72,««_X Orweet woods XL Come away, come sweet love 24 XL Hfloods of tears XII. Rest awhile you cruel cares 26 _XIL. Fine knacks for ladies ee jo Xille Now cease my wand’ing ees XIV, All ye, whom Love or Fortune 32 XIV. Come ye heavy states of night XIVa. All ye, whom Love or Fortune 34 XV. White as lilies was her face XV. Wilkthou, unkind, thus reave me -36_-XVL Woeful heart Sr i ye XVI A shepherd in a shade Scere fo. XVUlL Faction that ever dell XVIII. His golden locks Gia aus DC Awake, weet ve, thou areretumid 44 XX Tose nox my soul XX, Come, heavy Sleep ge XXL Clear or cloudy XXL Away with these selfloving lads 48. Xia Clear or cloudy My Lord Chamberain his Calliard 50. XXIE, Humour say what mals thou here (For wo 10 play...) (a Dialogue) —— Dowland’s adiew for Master Oliver Cromwell Song V1 Vian Vil The Second Bok teed aa though compo seen, They fam sige le 8 80 84 86 90 2 94 96 98, 100 102 106 108 110