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Job Sheet of Sumit Arora

1. Fill pay in slips of debtor s cheques and RTGS forms of Digital Sales. 2. Instruct Rinku (bank boy) for banking of Digital Sales. (out of station cheques) 3. Recording transaction of Digital Sales in Tally:a) Banking Entries: 1) cheque received from debtors deposit into bank, 2) salary paid to staff,3) payment to staff for travelling expense, freight, bike maintenance, loading unloading expenses etc. ; payment to honey electronics b) Purchase Entries: recording purchase form honey electronics, viaro sales corporation and MR Bedi gramophone. c) Sales entries: fill order forms, recording sales bill including c/n given to debtors. Send an email of these bill to jalandhar godown. Vat bills to viaro sales corporation. d) Journal Entries: Salary Payable, salary advance, Tds on Salary, Service Tax Payable. 4. Checking Expenses: a) Travelling expenses of 1) Mr. Anil Rikhi, 2) Mr. K.C.Sharma, 3) Mr Rajiv Anand, 4) Mr. Jagdish Kumar (Babbu). b) Bike maintenance of Rinku. c) Freight for inward and outward. d) Loading and unloading expenses of Jalandhar Godown . e) Electricity expenses of jalandhar Godown. f) Telephone expenses of jalandhar godown. 5. After Ajay sir approval, make cheques of above expenses. 6. Daily Bank Reconciliation. 7. Make calculation and fill challan of : a) Vat-16 (monthly)(last date 20th of every month) b) Vat-15 (quarterly) (last date 30th next to the end of every quarter) c) Vat -20 (yearly) (last date 20th of every year) d) TDS on salary (monthly) (Last date of 7th of every month) e) Service tax (monthly) (last date 5th of every month) f) TDS Return summary (quarterly) (last date 15th next to the end of quarte ) g) Service tax return (half yearly) (last date 25 april and 25 October) 8. Reconciliation of Stock with Jalandhar Godown (once in a week). 9. Filling Documents in a) Sales file, b) Purchase file, c) Debtors file, d)Expenses voucher file, e) Bank voucher file, f) Legal document file (like TDS, Service Tax, Vat, etc.) 10. Prepare Bank Stock Statement monthly 7th of every month 11. Co-ordination with Mr. Rakesh Joshi for making MIS of Digital Sales Pvt Ltd. 12. Making cheque for Rent of Haryana Office. Due date is 5th of every month. (August month paid)