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Jimmy Tinoco 4th Grade

Lesson Plan Title

Compare and Contrast

Target Learner Abilities

- Students should be able to read a variety of grade-level passages independently - Students should be able to understand the concept of two things having similarities and differences

Stage 2 Evidence [ Final ] Stage 1 If the desired result is for learners to Understand that: (U) Then, you need evidence of the students ability to Performance Task (T) Explain - there is/are a signal word/s - Students will be that tell whether you are introduced to signal words comparing or contrasting and practice picking them - several passages can have out of sample sentences details that are similar explaining why (there will - several passages can have be sample of both details that are different comparing and contrasting) Interpret - the different types of Questions to consider (Q) passages being read - What types of passages Apply, by will have details to compare - writing sentences that and contrast? compare and contrast two - Will there always be pictures of two types of things to compare and bears making sure theyre contrast in a story? using signal words - reading aloud grade-level passages Reflect - on how you can use the compare and contrast skill in all types of readings - on how you can relate compare and contrast skill to real-world situations Key: (U) understanding (Q) essential question (T) performance task (OE) other evidence Stage 2 SO, the assessment needs to include some things like Other Evidence (OE) - approaching whiteboard and circling signal words in sentences. - filling out template with sentence comparing and contrasting to pictures that are related in some way - filling out template with complete sentences to compare and contrast after reading to grade-level passages - use skills learned to take a multiple-choice test on comparing and contrasting