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_— a Student evaluation for Language Support 7 Date 4/3) Grade: @D \ Name of Student | Name of Teacher(s) Test Scores: Terra Nova__N{A Gates-McGinite Reading NA Vocabulary Composite M/A AR Grade Equivalent Percentile Please rate the student with respect to the following: insatisfactory Satisfactory Good Excellent Organization: 3 5 Class Participation a) ® 5 Self-Motivation/Effort 3 5 Your additional responses below will help us, as a team, assess if this student requires language support. Can this student succeed in this class (achieve a B) without any additional help / support? Yes (Ge) Please check the appropriate box for your student. Unsatisfactory 1 or 2 Satisfactory 3 Good4 Excellent 5 LISTENING 12 2 [4 Ts Follows instructions without additional language clarifications from | 7] > teacher Comments:44 Mt conpl4 lamaune, oFen et on task derng dass, PEAKING. 1 [2 [3 [4 Js | Oral confidence Participation in small group discussions Ability to express ideas fluently (consider filler words such as um, like, stuff, thing) A Range of vocabulary compared to peers a Pronunciation Comments: WX, volunteer ensues, however tnuempcke voc 4 Comprehensien tedblens ead te wrong answers, = Unsatisfactory 1 or 2 Satisfactory 3 Good 4 Excellent 5 READING 1 2 3 ya 5 Keeps up-to-date with set reading assignments x Can respond appropriately to set reading assignments Understands written instructions in assignments and tests, Comprehends language / vocabulary at the same level as peers P< px] Comments: LA hasnt done Complete omitting) WRITING, i During in-class writing assignments/tests the student can express him/herself at a similar level compared to peers Includes appropriate content in response to question or instructions (Can successfully structure essays/reports/written assignments Can use correct grammar and sentence structures compared to peers Comments: UA dee minimal Work not puch tome to assess To your knowledge, does this student have a tutor or go to a hagwon? When? For which subjects? Noy. hagwans We are aware of Does the standard of this students writing differ significantly when you compare writing done in class to ‘writing completed at home? 1g comp] pecaust of her) No writing gets completed in LA clas! Social Studies | in class for a valid assessment of ability Oe es Any additional comments? Spats Vey well oltinchutty