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VERBS A B be in charge of bring out Bring up buy out C carry out come to (the conclusion) chase up cut out cut down To be cut out (for smth.) cut corners D draw a conclusion draw up drop (in) by demand on E F To be fed up fix up G give thought give up get on (well) get rid of H have the guts have out To have enough of smth. To arrange, to establish A te stura de ceva A aranja (a stabili) A gndi mult A renuna A se nelege; a se mpca bine A lansa A scpa de; a se descotorosi de A avea tupeul (curajul) A pune punct (discuiei) To compromise To eliminate; to renonce; to quit; To give up A se ocupa de A lansa pe pia A crete, a educa EQUIVALENT IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRANSLATION IN ROMANIAN

A ndeplini; a realiza A ajunge la (o concluzie) A se ine de capul lui ; a-l mpinge de la spate A elimina; a renuna A reduce A fi fcut (potrivit, nnscut) pentru ceva A compromite A trage o concluzie A se opri; a se alinia; a se apropia A trece pe la (o scurt vizit) A face o vizit neprogramat A te baza (bizui) pe

pay a casual visit To rely on

To renonce To launch

To stop communicating; to put an end

hold out hang up I J K L M make out N O P point out pass the back pick up pull out put down to put forward put across Put back Put off Put on to Put through Put up Put out

To ask for; to claim; to demand

A cere, a pretinde A pune receptorul n furc

To manage To distingish (visually)

A te descurca; A distinge (vizual), a-i da seama; a onora

To emphasise; to identify

Put up with Put ones finger on Put paid to R refurbish run the risk rock the boat run up against S sell out step up

To atribute To suggest; propose (an idea) Explain or communicate clearely Move to a later date; to postpone Postpone or delay Give someone information about Connect by telephone Invest, provide money for a. put someone out inconveni-ence him or her b. put oneself out make a special effort Tolerate; endure Find the cause of the trouble Destroy, ruin completely To rearange To encounter; to come across

A sublinia; a evidenia (identifica) A arunca rspunderea asupra altcuiva A ridica; a ctiga; a se ntemeia A se retrage A atribui; a pune pe seama A sugera; a propune; a formula A amna

A reamenaja A fi ntr-o situaie de risc A se cltina barca (a crea probleme A ntmpina, a da peste probl. A nstrina A adopta ntr-o mai mare msur

spell out set about (doing smth.) set aside stand out Step up sort out sound out T Take up take action take off take up try out turn away turn down turn out U W To work out To weigh up To worn out Y Z SPOT On the spot In the spot In the spotlight Spot-on Spot-check Spot-cash Put someone on the spot High spot Weak spot Knock spots off

To explain clearely To begin (doing smth.) To earmark; to keep especially for To be easy to notice To solve; to resolve

A explica pe larg A ncepe s (faci ceva) A dedica; a rezerva (a ine special pentru cineva) A iei n eviden; a se evidenia A spori; a ridica A rezolva A intervieva A ridica; a primi; a se ocupa de A trece la aciune A retrage (de undeva) A consuma (timpul) A testa, a proba A refuya (pe cineva), a-i tia elanul a refuza

To test

To produce

To identify possible solutions To analyse, evaluate

A analiza, a cntri, a evalua A fi epuizat

Immidiately or at the place of action In a difficult situation At the centre of public attention Exactely right Quick, random (ntmpltoare) examination Cash on delivery Ask someone a difficult question or put someone in a difficult situation Outstanding moment Aspect of a character, situation or organisation that can be criticised Be much better than

Drept la int

TIME Time-card Time-lag Time and motion study Time zone Time switch Time limit Time sharing Timekeeper To be on time To be in time

Cartel de preyen la program Per. de timp dintre dou evenimente (activiti) apropiate Studiu de eficien Ora local Timp de comutare (programator de timp) Timp limit pn la care o activitate poate dura Timp partajat Cronometror (om sau mecanism) de timp A ajunge la timp A ajunge nainte de expirarea timpului limit

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