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Photography after Photography Memory and Representation inthe Digital Age Aale/Cucher Fond/Chakin Neiaien Bante Fischer Porkovie/Baltz Brodsky ait Pogala Burgin Hershman Selichar Burson Huber/Pocock shaw Colin Van Lamswoerde ‘razseh Enadort Lord an Der Kaap Export wahner Photography after Photography Memory and Representation in the Digital Age Baited by Hubertus: Amelurnen, Stefan leant, Florian Rateer in callaboration wit Alexis Cael and Naclaus G. Schiieidet A Project of Siomens Kulturprogramm in collaboration with Aktionsforum Praternse, Mnchen (Germany) Kursthalle Krems (Austra) Statisehe Galerie Enlangen (Germany Brandenburgische Kunstsmmiungen Cotas (Germany Muses for Fookumt, Odense (Denmatk) Fotos Wintethut (Switzerland) phy, Helsinki (Finland) Insttte of Contemporary Ae. Philallphia (USN Adelie Festival (Aastra Finnish Museurn of Phot GtB ants oogsophy” Re Photegsply Vicor Buin 1h imagen Reces: Pagal Pog andthe Locate of Cltre Matha Roser Ley Manovch "a Paradoxes of Digital Photagsaphy Woliging Cay In Photographie Memory egies Clayen Digital (Revolution Tinothy Drache Fal Visio George Legrad Ionage, Language, nd Bebe in Sythe Pete Lumen At Postistry: Digits Photography ‘ Ehetins Seite Kasten Laden Digital Ce Painting Got ager Ange and Digital Photography The Technical tuts Philippe Quin Pheto-Vitality Hebert W, Franke ‘Comments on Digi Photography Hubert»: Amon hetosraphy afer Photography The Teter ofthe Body in Dig Space 6 % s Artists Anthony Arie Sommy Cucher Levis Bale [Un Stal) Nate Baokehin / Lew Mannich Michael Brabs ot Burgin Tomes Dre ‘Navey hasan Vie Fer (Calin Calin [leis Cal) Keith Cotingham Michael Endo Vale Expr (Haber: Anelumcen) Peter Fend/Gearge Chaikin Alain Fes Jochen Ger edema Ma oo Hall Laan He Fel Stephan Huber Philip Pocock Ines Lamsucere Caer Schorr George Legrady Chip tort Avene Mailer Pie ‘Waren Nedich [Ladger Dental) Slavica PkovilLews Balle [Wn Stab) Barbas Poot Andros Ws] MirsaRogat Lyme Waren] (Gaithe Selichar Jeticy Sh (Ralf Sache} Holger Tileseh Huerta: Amature) Al Usha sll Vn Der Kap (Pal Crt) Mathias War (Lager Deena) 26 ¥e 46 We 96 66 v6 ey Appendix Biowrphis Select Bibography