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it in a Song Assignment 1. Find a song that uses some type of figurative language 2. Write the title and artist of the song 3. Write out the lyrics to the song that include the figurative language 4. Label the type of figurative language used 5. Using the Baseball simile sheet as an example, write your own similes either based on the subject of the song or another subject. 6. Turn all the work in with your name on all sheets

Your Name:____________________ Number:_________

Song Title: Artist: Lyrics that include Figurative Language: Type of Figurative Language used:

Example to get you thinking!

Baseball Similes A simile compares two things using like or as. For example: The ball was as white as snow. Complete these similes: A baseball is as ________________as ____________________. A baseball is like _____________________________________. The pitch was as _______________as_____________________. The pitch was like _____________________________________. The bat is as _________________as ______________________. The bat is like _________________________________________. Now write some of your own.