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The Waitress

Mrs. Yanti is a waitress in Ayla canteen. She works for Mr. Alwizar, the own canteen. The canteen has been opened since 2004. She has worked for 6 years in the canteen. Mr. Alwizar says that she is his loyalist waitress. She gets her royalty every day, that Rp 25,000/day. She starts to work at 06.00 am- 04.00 pm in a day. She doesnt work in Sunday. Because the canteen is closed every Sunday. In the canteen, she is not only as a waitress but also makes an order that a food or a drink. I love my job. But sometimes, I fell so tired and I meet my family infrequently. Because of many task which I must do every day as a waitress. Besides that, I get more knowledge about the cuisines. So, I enjoy this job, said her. Mr. Alwizar likes her doing in the canteen. Because she is a diligent and good waitress.

The Preacher

Mr. Muhasjim has been a preacher since 1983. He was born on August 02, 1963. His last education is at Madrasah Aliyah. Although he is a preacher, he doesnt say that preacher is his job. His job is as a teacher at MDA Hubul Wathan in Petapahan. He gets his royalty that Rp 800,000/month. As a preacher, I must be an example for the societies. Because everything I say which will be an example in their faith and morals. If I have a bad behavior which isnt suitable with my word, I will get a bad opinion for myself. Even, the societies think that I am the worst person. Said Mr. Muhasjim. So, the preacher has a responsibility in the world and the beyond. But, he loves to be a preacher. Because he has done Prophet Muhammad Saws order that Tell about Islam although you only can tell one verse.