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INNEHALL/CONTENTS A Night In Tunisia After You've Gone. Ain’t Misbehavin’ Ain’t She Sweet, As Time Goes By Att Angéra En Brygga.. Billic’s Bounce .. Blue And sentimental. Blues For Alice. Can't Help Lovin’ Dat Man Come Rain Or Come Shine. Days Of Wine And Roses, The. Desafinado Detour Ahead 10 Django 12 Do Nothin’ Til You Hear From Me .. 172 Do You Know What It Means. 116 Don’t Be That Way ... 9 Don’t Blame Me 14 Don’t Fence Me In. 1B Don’t Get Around Much Anymore us Early Autumn carob nnn : Falling In Love With Love .. 80 Farfars Vals ... 8 Flight Of The Foo Birds 81 Fly Me To The Moon. 7 Hallelujah, I Love Him So Have You Met Miss Jones Hello Dolly : Here’s That Rainy Day 123 31 Honeysuckle Rose 84 How High The Moon. 174 1 Can't Get Started. 198, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love 175 I Could Write A Book. B IFall In Love Too Easily n 1Get A Kick Out Of You 24 TGot Rhythm... . 37 I Left My Heart In San Francisco. . 124 TLove You . 128 1 Remember Clifford. . 129 ‘1 Will Wait For You... 131 I'm Getting Sentimental Over You. I'm In The Mood For Love... In A Mellow Tone... In A Sentimental Mood. It Don’t Mean A Thing, Jive At Five ..... Jordu. Jumpin’ At The Woodsid Just Friend Killer Joe. Lady Is A Tramp, The.. Like Someone In Love Lullaby Of Broadway... Lullaby Of The Leaves Lush Life on Man I Love, The.. Merlin. Midnight Sun Will Never Set, The. Mites Ahead Mood Indigo Moondance. Moonglow.... Moonlight Serenade Mountain Greenery... MrPC. My Blue Heaven. My Funny Valentine My Little Suede Shoes. Night And Day. Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The. Now's The Time 3 Oh, Lady Be Got 45 Oteo.. 20 On Green Dolphin Street. 143 ‘On The Sunny Side Of The Street. 144 ‘Once In A While. 112 One O'Clock Jump. B Omithology. 55 Out Of Nowhere 68 Over The Rainboy a Pennies From Heaven. 145 44 “Round Midnight .... Saint James Infirmary . st Satin Doll. 87 Sermoneite. Shadow Of Your Smile, The Skating In Central Park. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes SOLiUEE ener ners Someone To Watch Over Me. Song Is You, The.. Sophisticated Lady... Spela For Mej Splanky St. Thomas. Stars Fell On Alabama. ‘Stompin’ At The Savoy ‘Summer Samba... Summertime. ‘Swedish Pastry ‘Sweet Georgia Brown.. ‘Take ‘Taking A Chance On Love .. ‘Tea For Two ‘Tenor Madness. ‘That's A Plenty ‘Them There Eyes. : ‘There Will Never Be Another You They Can't Take That Away From M ‘This Here This Masquerade.. Trubbel, ‘Walk Between The Raindrops Watermelon Man. Well You Needn’t... ‘What Is This Thing Called Love? . 162 What's New? 163 When I Fall In Love - 182 ‘Where Or When... 184 ‘Whisper Not. R Who's Sorry Now. 186 ‘Visa Fran Utanmyra. Woody'n You... Work Song ‘Yardbird Suite. ‘You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To . ‘Copyright © 2001 Werner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB ‘Musikalisk granskaro: Lars Hedberg ‘Omslag: Uf Ekwall Notskrift: J E Notskriving “Tryok: Duvbo Tryokeri AB, Sundbyborg, 2002 Preface Forord Since long, there has been a need for a printed compilation of jazz standard tunes ‘Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB of Sweden is pleased to present such a book, covering an important part of this repertoire — tunes that are played on jam sessions all over the world. Many of these tunes have béen difficult to find for people looking for printed music, Also the original music has not been adapted to jazz harmony. We are very proud to be able to present a volume with today's jazz harmonies and jazz interpretations throughout the book. Of course it will always be a matter of taste how to choose chord colour as individual freedom and expression will always be a vital part of jazz. Apart from this we do believe that this material to a great extent comespond with the interpretations of most jazz players of today. We are grateful to the music publishers that have generously licenced their tunes to make this book as complete as possible. Det har linge funits ett behov av ait i notform samla och bevara jazzens standardre- pertoar, Warner/Chappell Music Scandinavia AB har nu glidjen att kunna presentera en vasentlig del av denna repertoar — melodier som det "jammas” pi idag, “Tyviirr har manga av dessa melodier varit svira att komma ver for den som velat f& tag i noter. Dessutom har de flesta “originalnoter” inte varit anpassade till dagens jazz- harmonik. Vi lr dirfér glada att kunna presentera en bok med genomgiende "ritt” jaz- zharmonik och melodiindelning. Ordet ratt ar satt inom citationstecken ~ naturligtvis ar det sf att det ofta ar en smaksak hur man t ex fisgar ackord. Jazzen ju en musikform ‘med fritt spelrum for individuella intiktningar, men vi tror finda att detta material i hog grad verensstimmer med de flesta av dagens jazzmusikers tolkningar. Vi vill rikta ett tack till de musikférlag som sé frikostigt bidragit med melodier till denna samling, samt till Lars Hedberg som bidragit med den musikaliska granskningen. Jazz on! Ingemar Hahne Editor BLve BOSSA Meoium So66a Kenny Qoenaa ov? Gw éuale ane ow fa oh eho urbe Ana ow ume ATs ‘orang Mute, London. Te mos tee Fou Mies Ons, Meow UP on Henoeies ‘© Preige Mus, London Trek med tre Oh op ga at te tna Now’s THe Time Fast Blues, Caaeie Prever 67 Q7 cy G7 97 bu é7 Aw? o7 dsr x ny) ‘© Reasessow Publ Com A. FarSeandnion Pan, lets oh Bata eons: Ware Chagpe Muse Scans AB. “BLUE Moon Lemene, Heer Meoive (0¢ BaLLAC) Ricwaeo Ceogers, (07)[A] fo Ow? Gu C1 EP Fe e417 Blue moon, you saw me stand-ing a - lone. Gu? cu Av? 07 Gu nye with - out a dream in my hear, without a love of my own._ Fe Ov? Ga? FAS Fo Ou a7 Blue moon, you knew just what 1 was there fo Fe ow? ev fa ou ——— for__________ You heard me say-ing a pray. for Qu? Guy fo ey f Ou? some-one 1 really could care for __ ‘And then there Gu? Q7 Fb ow sud - den - ly ap- peared before, «me the Soon = iy Gu q Fo 8h 7 one my arms could ev - er hold, | heard some - bod - y whisper, "Please a - Abo Abe ow 67 Clg 07 and when 1 Gu looked, the moon had tumed to 647 fo #47 Gu gold fo Ow? q7 Q ‘moon, now fm no long-er a-lone,___________with- out a dream in my heart, zt 14 wus 1) Hao ote trea Recta Clin e bendoovn, Pant, hand 6 Soak Sema: Ramerensoel se Sesninava A _ A 07 Gu? Seu eh ev FO (GT 07) : with-out a love of my own. 5 c 9, Bessie’s BLvEs 7 ie Suing J = 184 $n 7 oun COLTEANE “4 1.9)7 ‘7 ‘7 q7 ad 00. At (8) (w. Rerear) _ @ 37 ty she BT FI gg o a 5 BLUESETTE GeAN "Toots" THIELEMANG dane Wate, Noenan Quasi e Burl én AW 0709 Poor lit - te, sad it - te blue Bues - ete, dont you ery, tong as there's love in your heart to share, = dear Blues - tte, Gu v fo ful a) dont you fret. You can bet. one luck - y day you'll «= wak == en dont des - pair. Some blue boy is. long-ing just like you, to és oo, om Blow and your blues will «= befor - sak - on. One luck - y day love - ly find a some - one to be thus to, Two lov - ing arms he can Ones) Ga ée ert Ott @7 love will = come your. way. nest - le ln EEE +E end-stage HEE EEE EEE Eee EEE EEE C Bul 7 Aw? Get sel, Blues - tte, tue love is com - ing. Your trou - bied ” Gu o fo fo heart soon will be = hum = ming. Hum. ful an eho ye eh? (hun) A he oa (hum)______ Doo ya, doo - ya, doo - ya, doo ya, doo- ya, doo-ya, doo - oo - Conant 883 Rese Rte Frage A, Strain “Tyek md tes sv Engen ABA Soe 00 Blues - ette. Pretty lit - tle Blues - ette must-nt be a — moum - er. Aw? o7 ow c7 Have you heard the news yet? Love is ‘ound the cor - ner. fo fb ful 8) a rain- bows and tied with pink rib - bon to make your next eu ay Oho Love wrap - ped eho spring - time your gold wed-ding ring time, So, dry your eyes. Don't - cha Outs 7 & 7 pout, don't - cha fret good-y good times are com - ing, Blues - Ou? Cu (6) Oe Ovi 05.0 @) avs vest 8) EEE SEB EEE eeEE oe One luck-y day love - ly love will @ eur ar Ou? _—! aeett come your. Way. That mag - i¢ day. ql ee GG) Ei? On Oho i —_—_ | —. J ——_— ——_ may just be to - day.