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A Worn Path by Eudora Welty Analysis, Topic: Monomyth and the Pattern of Human Existence The short story

A Worn Path by Eudora Welty demonstrates the archetypal heros journey. Eudora Welty portrays Phoenix Jackson as the hero and portrays all of the stages, even though we were made aware of the call and threshold after the transformation. The heros journey is the pattern of life, as witnessed in the story, Phoenix knows about the path she takes Something always take a hold of me on this hill-pleads I should stay, Phoenix is experienced and the reader finds at the end that Phoenix has travelled the path often. The heros journey contains stages, the first being the Call, or the reason to leave, Phoenixs grandsons medical condition requires a bottle of soothing medicine and the Call is the need for more medicine. The next stage is the Threshold, the point at which the hero leaves the safety of the world he/she knows and starts the journey, even though the Threshold is not mentioned in the text, the reader can assume that the Threshold is the outskirts of the forest, where Phoenix started her journey. The Challenges are the obstacles and dangers which present themselves in the journey, such as the animals in the thicket, the thorn bush on the hill, the log across the creek, and the swamp and the great black dog. While the Challenges include obstacles and creatures, tempters also, Phoenix came across a hunter who unsuccessfully tried to make Phoenix turn back, an engagement from which Phoenix received a gift or a reward from, a nickel. Though the hunter was patronizing, he also showed a little racism, just like the nurses at Phoenixs destination who called her a charity case, which is another form of obstacle, which Phoenix manages to overcome. The Abyss is where the hero fights the dragon, in this case Phoenixs memory, which had left her is the next stage. The loss of her memory resulted in Phoenix forgetting the purpose of her travel and would have failed her quest to retrieve the medicine, but she prevailed. She was later rewarded in the Atonement stage, where the hero is rewarded, by receiving the medicine along with another nickel, which then helped set up the Return (with a gift) stage, where the hero returns home with a gift, which in this case was a windmill Phoenix bought for her grandson. Though the story ends, we know that Phoenix will travel to the town again as implied by the title of the story A Worn Path, also the nurse mentioning that the throat never heals, the protagonists name as implies that the journey will be repeated as Phoenix is a bird that is reborn form its own ashes, or in this case, implying that the journeys will continue. Welty tries to communicate through the story that the heros journey, a journey that all human make, never ends, there is always a reason to answer the call.