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LAVA SPRINGS cosy Lava Springs Happenings Ryan's Star Dazzles and Wins! Lead by Taylor MeKessie, Aerivities Coordinator ay Evans presented the coveted Star Dazzle Talent Show Award to brother Ryan This marks the first year EVER Sharpay dit \win the Award, “My broxher so totally deserves i” Miss Evans shared, "Yes, 1 was stunni gctacular, but poor sweet Ryan des eF simply. like, some praise.” Ryan simply = S siniled, 11:00am - Flower Arran 1:00pm - Samba Lessons 4:00pm - Voleanie Bi 8:00pm - Movie Night Redhawks “Hoop” It Up! Lava Springs proudly weleomes VIPs from the Univesy of Abuguerqu bsketal tea the Redhawhs! Chat with them on th . Seen on the Green course or basketball courts, These talented Learn Golf with Tro a... iva wil happily sign autoeraphs and share Learn GOI with [rO¥as i a playmaker tips. Go Redhawks! Pui Sign up atthe . Golf Shack for daily lessons with Snroothies at the cate Tee pete New gal lifeguard and uy golf teacher picnicking on southern course Buck songwriter discovered by Lave Springs Playhouse tnt De Dine at 1 delectable you ana ian isin, hi nenu. Indulge in bis a em te ary 00, OF Sonam 11-00