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Us|ng the CIS system

llrsLly Lhe conLrol accounLs LhaL deal wlLh Lhe Lax deducLlons should be seL up Lhls ls done Lhrough
Lhe CompanyCompany deLalls program

Cllck on Lhe ClS masLer llnk aL Lhe Lop lefL

1he requlred ClS deducLlon accounLs can be seLup or amended here Cllck on Save Lo updaLe Lhe
1he suppller accounL wlll also need Lo be seL up as follows
SuppllerSuppller ueLalls Cllck on ClS deLalls on Lop rlghL Lo see followlng screen

Cllck on Lhe Add new Lo sLarL enLerlng Lhe relevanL deLalls

LnLer Lhe relevanL deLalls and cllck on lnserL
lf deLalls are already avallable Lhey can be edlLed lf requlred
now lnvolces recelved can be enLered
urchaseslnvolces recelved Cllck on ClS

1he ClS Lype and oLher enLrles can now be made noLe Lhe vA1 code and raLe eLc are plcked up
from Lhe suppller accounL
Cnce compleLe Lhe relevanL enLrles wlll be made lnLo Lhe sysLem ln facL Lhls ls a shorLcuL meLhod Lo
enLerlng Lhe lnvolce ln Lhe sLandard meLhod and can be edlLed Lhrough Lhe sLandard lnvolce screen
lf requlred
1he ClS Lax deducLed wlll be passed Lo Lhe relevanL conLrol accounL whlch can be used for Lhe
monLhly ClS reLurns Lo be made (separaLe module)