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Scavengei Bunt Questions: The answeis to each of these questions can be founu somewheie

insiue the uianaua viitual fielu tiip pagebe suie to ieau all infoimation anu uon't miss any links!
Be awaie of youi suiiounuingstheie aie a few bonus questions hiuuen thioughout the tiip.
Bappy hunting!

1 WhaL group ruled much of Lhe lberlan penlnsula for nearly 800 years from 711 1492 Au?

2 When was Lhe 8econqulsLa of Cranada compleLed by Lhe CaLhollc monarchs lsabel and lerdlnand?

3 WhaL ls Lhe name of one of Cranada's oldesL nelghborhoods?

4 Accordlng Lo LradlLlon Lhe Alhambra ls named for Lhe Arablc words calaL alhamra" whlch means

3 WhaL ls Lhe name of Lhe rlver LhaL flows beLween Lhe Albalcln and Lhe Alhambra?

6 WhaL was Lhe name glven Lo Musllm Moors who were forced Lo converL Lo ChrlsLlanlLy afLer Lhe

7 Cn whaL sLreeL ls Lhe Mlrador de San nlcolas (hlnL you may have Lo do a llLLle zoomlng around Lo
flnd Lhls one)?

8 WhaL ls Lhe name glven Lo a Lyplcal house ln Cranada's Albalcln nelghborhood?

9 LlsL Lhree characLerlsLlcs of Moorlsh archlLecLure

10 WhaL ls Lhe name glven Lo Lhe follage moLlf LhaL ls popular ln lslamlc arL?

11 1he Alhambra was declared an unLSCC World PerlLage SlLe ln whaL year?

12 WhaL ls Lhe name of Lhe room where Lhe SulLan would recelve forelgn vlslLors and dlgnlLarles aL Lhe

13 WhaL does Lhe name Cenerallfe" mean?

14 ln whlch cenLury dld Lhe flrsL nasrld ruler Mohammed l make hls resldence aL Lhe Alcazaba?

13 WhaL was Lhe funcLlon of Ll Mexuar a hall ln Lhe nasrld alace?

16 1he Comares alace was bullL by whlch Musllm ruler?

17 Pow many columns are parL of Lhe foresL of palm Lrees" ln Lhe CourLyard of Lhe Llons?

18 WhaL ls Lhe name of Lhe summer palace found on Lhe Cerro del Sol hlll?

19 1he slnglng of nonsyllables a characLerlsLlc of Arab muslc ls also characLerlsLlc of whaL Lype of
Spanlsh muslc?

20 Who wroLe Lhe classlcal gulLar plece 8ecuerdas de la Alhambra"?