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(Li rren are you most aware of God’s presence in your life? Is it when you feel His blessings in a vivid way? Is it when you are suf- fering through a personal crisis? Do you experience God most directly when He moves in a mighty way in your church? We can be assured of God’s providential care in all of life’s events. Sometimes God works behind the scenes; He is active even when we are not always aware of His presence. Unit 3, “God Works Through Turmoil,” is a study of the Book of Esther. The four lessons in this unit will help us see how we can depend on God during life’s peaks and valleys. “When Life Turns Upside Down” (Feb. 4) reminds us to trust God whenever we experience radical, unexpected changes in our lives. “When Service Is Risky” (Feb. 11) encourages us to follow God’s leadership in our lives even when our service for Him involves seri- ous risks. “How Courage Triumphs” (Feb. 18) stresses the need for believ- ers to be ready to act courageously to defend vulnerable people. “What Is Worth Celebrating” (Feb. 25) highlights our responsi- bility to celebrate the mighty acts of God on our behalf. GM Unis s A