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NGEE ANN Peli 2006 AM 1 Given that ‘5 (Graduating students in a school) ‘Students who are considering going to polytectnic} J= {Students who are considering going to Junior College) T= (students who are considering going to private Institution) Express in words each of the following @ Paseo a) yer 2 2 . ‘The straight line y=2c+1 does not intersect the curve y =x. 7 Find the range of values of “3 2 2 Without the use of calculator, find the value of x if x= J——= — @wne me V5 alé V 54206 gee (b) Find the value of hand kif 6x! tar? +bx—4, has a factor of x+2 and 4 (a) Find the value of a and b for whi leaves a remainder of 3 when divided by 21 (©) Solve the equation x+4=—4—5 , teaving your answers corrected to so decimal places where necessary. ‘The stright line 4x~6y+1=Ointersects the curve 2-4 =9 atthe points A and zy B. Find the coordinates of the mid-point of line AB. + 6 Ahelicopter flies from point A to a point B due north of A. The airspeed of the helicopter is 200 km/h in still air and a steady wind of 60 km/h is blowing from the NB. Find the course set by the helicopter and its resultant speed. The helicopter now flies back from B to A with the same still speed in air and with the same wind blowing. Find the resultant speed. 2 2 io (3) 4 (4) (4) 6) (6) tamA-cotA sin A=cosA cosA™ sin A (b) The function fis defined, for 0 0, and that of point C is (4, 0). The length of OA is 45 units, AG 2k) ° c@,0) (Calculate the value of k. Gi) Find the coordinates of B. ‘The line AB produced meets the x-axis at D. Find Gil) the coordinates of D, (iv) the ratio AD: BD, (¥)_ the ratio of the area of triangle BCD ¢o the area of the trapezium OABC. 8) BI (4) (3) 2 B) 1 ul (21 ~ 1 Given that y= 20%, & ax a i) show that 2 = (3x-+1}e**. ws a Orel 1 i] i) Hence find fxe*de. 6 11. The diagram shows a rectangle PQRS such that P and $ lie on the curve ye 82.5? and and Q le on the x ais The coordinates of Pare (9) where x>Oand y>0. (Express the area A of the rectangle in terms of x 2 (i) Find the value of x for which A is stationary. Calculate the stationary value [4] of A and determine whether it is a maximum or a minimum,