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Answer all the questions. Find the range of values of & for which the straight line y= Ax - 3 intersects the eurve y=6x—x?=4, G1 (a) Solve the equation log, 10+ 4log,, x=1+log,(Sx-3) [4] (b) A cylinder has a base radius of (2+ V3) cm and a volume of (V3 +6) cm’, Find the height of the cylinder in the form (a+be) cm, where a, b and care constants. [4] . The table below shows the amount of flour, fat, sugar and number of eggs needed for each of the various types of cakes available at a local cake shop. Flour Fat Sugar No. of eggs Chocolate Cake 250g 200g 300g 5 Cheese Cake 200g 150g 250g 4 Tiramisu Cake 300g 250g 250g \s [Blueberry Cake 250g 300g 280g 3 ‘Given that an egg costs 20 cents and that each kg of flour, fat and sugar are $1.20, $ 2.80 and $1.50 respectively, (2) construct two matrices whose product represents the total cost of baking each of the cakes mentioned, 0 (b) given further that the cake shop needs to supply 350 Chocolate Cakes, 280 Cheese Cakes, 400 Tiramisu Cakes and 320 Blueberry Cakes for a food fair per day, form three matrices so that their matrix product gives the total daily cost of producing these cakes. Hence calculate the total cost. (3) . ‘The position vectors of the points A and B, with respect tothe origin O, are S#+ 6f and 81+ 12 respectively. Given that C is the point such that AC = 3a, find the unit vector in the direction of OC. Bl 2x 5. Find the equation of the normal to the curve y= 2% 1+cos2x at the point x= & (4 Given that the curve f(x) =Ssin nx has a period of 2 for the domain 0 Inx Bix 2x43 Express fg and g“'f” in similar form. BI (CSS/Prelim Exam 2006/4 Math Paper 1 (Sec 4E & SNW/Leong WL/Pg5