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Section A (30 marks) Answer ALL the questions in this section. 1, Sketch the graph of the function y=4+3sin2x for 0Sx<7. State the amplitude and period of the graph y = 4+3sin2x. By drawing a suitable straight line to your sketch, find the number of solutions of the equation 2x-+3sin2x =3, 2, Write down and simplify, in ascending powers of x, the first three terms of the expansion, (2-%) : 4) Hence, or otherwise, find the coefficient of x” in the expansion @e4n-sel(2- xy . 2) (2) B) (4) ‘The diagram shows a circle (not drawn to scale), centre O, and another smaller circle with diameter OQ and centre P. QT is a tangent to both circles at the point Q. Given that PQ=4 cm and the minor are QR -%em, find (a) the value of ZPOR in radians, (>) area of sector QOS, (©) area of the shaded part QRS. ty y Q chijsectp.4S/E, prefim.AMI.2006 5 (a) Find the number of different arrangements of the 9 letters of the word DRAGONFLY a) Find the number of arrangements (® where all the consonants are grouped together, (1) ii) where all the vowels are separated. 12) (©) A committee consisting of 7 members is to be selected from a group of 6 girls, 8 boys and a married couple. (@) How many different committees can be formed? ret} Gi) If itis a rule that the committee can include at most one member of the married couple, in how many ways can the committee be chosen? Qi 1 1 Prove that + = 2secx . tan x(cosec x1) tanx(cosec x +1) Hence, solve for 0°