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Unit 2 fi ~~ WUC 103 English for the Workplace Socialising in Workplace Situations Open univensiry WOU COURSE TEAM Content Writers: Ms, Seling Rogers and Ms. Yeoh Suan Choo Course Coordinator: Ms Jasmine Emmanuel Insteuctional Designer: Profesor Ng Wai Kong, External Course Asessor:Asocate Professor Dr. Malachi Edwin Vethamani Univesti Putea Malaysia PRODUCTION In-house Editor: Khoo Chiew Keen Graphic Designcr Psy Yap “Wawasan Open University fs Malaysia frst private noe-for-prfic reriay institution dedicated co dul learns Ic is funded by she Wawasan Education Foundation, a eax exempe entity established by the Pat Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia and supported by the Yep Chor Ee Charitable and Endowment Tests, other charities, comporations and members ofthe public © 2007 Wawasan Open Universiry All rights ceserved. No pact ofthis publication may be eproduced, stored in a seteieval system or transmitted in any Form or by any means, electonic, mechanical, photocopying, recording oF “otherwise, without prige witen permission from WOU. ‘Wawasan Open University 51-20 Menara BHL, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, “Tel (604) 2289323 Fax: (604) 2269323 Email: Website: Contents Unit 2 Socialising in Workplace Situations Overview Objectives Introduction 24 22 Face the world with a smile First meetings Objectives Introduction Making your sel-introduction Greetings for first meetings Introducing others Status of the person Bre ing the ice Around the office ‘Asking for/giving information about jobs Asking for/giving information about current projects Giving more details about your job Suggested answers to activities Family and relationships Objectives Introduction Bridging the interpersonal communication 9p 10 10 B B B “ 9 a a a a