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- Giup HS bit duoc cac hoat dng ph bin sau gio hoc, bit cach d nghi hoc sp
xp lam diu gi do

Vocabulary: (to) paint, (to) rehearse, (to) collect, (to) practice, (to) attend, (to)
invite, (to) kick, anniversary (adj), sporty (adj), striped (adj), a celebration, collection
(n), a collector, a comic, concert (n), entertainment (n), an orchestra, pastime (n), a
scout, stripe (n), a teenager, a volunteer, a wedding,

Language focus:
1. Present progressive tense. Thi hin tai tip din
2. Adverb of frequency. Cac trang tu chi thuong xuyn, chi muc d
3. Modal verbs: should, would: Dng tu khim khuyt/ Dng tu tinh thai La dng
tu khng th dung 1 minh trong cu ma dy du y nghia duoc, bt buc sau no
phai co mt dng tu khac.
Section A: WHAT DO YOU DO?
Lesson 1: A1 Page: 60-61

(warm up)
- Bao HS lam vic nhom lit k cac hoat dng nao ma HS thuong lam sau gio hoc
- Goi dai din nhom ghi ln bang

- watch TV xem TV
- do the homework
- go shopping
- go swimming
- play check
- play badminton
- play video games

- Doc bai cho HS nghe va bao HS gach duoi tu ma HS khng bit nghia
- Gioi thiu tu vung, goi y va bao HS doan nghia
* Vocabulary


- (to) practise: ['prktis] practice ['prktis] (v) : ren luyn, thuc hanh
- (to) invite: [in'vait] (v): yu cu, moi (ai)
- (to) play volleyball: |'vlib:l| chi bong chuyn
- together (adj): |t'ged| tu hop tip xuc voi nhau
- maybe (adv): ['meibi:] co l, co th = perhaps
Bao HS nghe va lp lai mi tu 3 ln
Yu cu tung HS doc lai tu va sua cach phat m cho HS
- Kim tra tu vung bng cach cho HS lam bai tp trn bang phu sau:
Jumble words:
a) carticpe = practice
b) gotheert = together
c) veinti = invite
d) bayme = maybe
e) yenjo = enjoy
f) bellayvol = voleyball
- Cho HS lam vic theo cp, xac dinh cu phat biu sau dung hay sai (True? False). Cu
nao sai thi sua lai cho dung
True False statements:
a) Hoa is doing the housework.
b) Ba is learning to play guitar.
c) Minh and his friends often do their homework together.
d) Minh plays soccer for the school team.
Answer keys: Dap an
a) F b) T c) T d) F
a) Hoa is doing her Math homework.
d) Minh plays volleyball for the school team.
- Yu cu HS lam vic theo cp doc lai bai va tra loi cu hoi trang 61 SGK
Answer the questions:
a) What is Hoa doing?
- Shes doing her Math homework.
b) What are Minh and Hoa going to do?
- They are going to get a cold drink in the cafeteria.
c) Where in Ba?
- Hes in the music room.
d) What is he doing?
- Hes learning to play the guitar.
e) What does Minh usually do after school?
- He usually meets his friends and do their homework together.
Section A: WHAT DO YOU DO?


Lesson 2: A2-LF2.5/P71 Page: 61-71
Muc tiu phn nay: HS bit duoc thi hin tai dn va trang tu chi thuong xuyn.
- n lai tu vung trong phn bai truoc (A1)
Cho HS lam bai tp sau: Hy xac dinh va kt ni cac muc d thuc hin hoat dng cua
cac trang tu chi thuong xuyn sau:
Ky hiu:
X: la hoat dng khng bao gio xay ra
V: la muc d xay ra, cang nhiu V thi hoat dng cang xay ra nhiu
Matching:Hy ni
1. often a. x
2. usually b. v v v
3. always c. v
4. sometimes d. v v v v
5. never e. v v v v v v
Answer keys:
1 + b : often
2 + d : usually
3 + e : always
4 + c : sometimes
5 + a : never
- Bao HS quan sat 6 tranh trang 61 va vit cac hoat dng bn duoi tranh
GV: sua va goi y:
3. Write activities:
1. read/ study in the library
2. go swimming/ swim
3. play video game
4. go to the movies
5. play soccer
6. watch TV
- Yu Cu HS hoi va dap cac cu hoi, nho co su dung cac trang tu chi thuong xuyn
trong cu dap
GV sua va goi y dap an
4/ Ask and answer:
Answer keys:
1. What do you usually do after school?
- I always read books in the library.
2. What do you usually do after school?


- I sometimes go swimming.
3. What do you usually do after school?
- I often play video games.
4. What do you usually do after school?
- I usually go to the cinema.
5. What do you usually do after school?
- I never play soccer.
6. What do you usually do after school?
- I always watch TV.

Yu cu HS quan sat bang phn Language Focus 2.5 trang 71, ri kt ni cac hoat dng
co su dung trang tu chi thuong xuyn
5/ Matching:
Answer keys:
a. go cafeteria never
b. ride bike to school sometimes
c. practice guitar often
d. do homework usually
e. play computer games always
Yu cau HS vit cac cu noi v Ba
- Lam vic theo cp hoc ca nhn
6/ Write it up:
Answer keys:
a. Ba never go to the cafeteria school at lunchtime.
b. Ba sometimes rides his bike to school.
c. Ba often practices the guitar after school.
d. Ba usually does his homework in the evening.
e. Ba always plays computer games

Section A: WHAT DO YOU DO?


Lesson 3: A3-A4 Page: 62-63
Objective (Muc tiu) By the end of the lesson, students will be able to talk about after
school activities using present simple tense.

Hoi 1 s cu hoi de xem HS co thuc hin hoat dng sau hay khng?
a) Do you watch TV after school?
b) Do you play chess?
c) Do you play soccer?
d) Do you play video games?
e) Do you listen to some music?

2/ Vocabulary:
- sporty (adj): |'sp:ti| dam m th thao, gioi v th thao
- a comic: (n) |'kmik| truyn tranh
- a president: (n) |'prezidnt| chu tich
- an anniversary celeration: |,ni'v:sri| |,seli'brein| l ky nim
- (to) collect: |k'lekt| thu thp, suu tm
- (to) rehearse: |ri'h:s| din tp (kich)

3/ True False statements:
a) Nga, Ba and Nam enjoy different activities after school.
b) They like sports very much.
c) Ngas Iavorite pastime is jogging.
d) Ba likes collecting stamps.
e) Nam plays soccer after school.
f) Nam sometimes read comics.
Answer keys:
a) T b) F c) F d) T e) F f) T
b) Te o re e or.
c) Ngas Iavorite pastime is acting.
e) Nam usually watch TV after school.
o eo r r
4/ Answer the questions:
a) What is Ngas theater group doing?
- h group is rehearsing a play for the school anniversary celebration.
b) How does Ba get American stamps?
- He gets American stamps from Liz his American friend.


c) When does the stamp collectors club meet?
- They meet on Wednesday afternoon.
d) How often does Nam play games?
- He never plays games.
Bao HS doan va kt ni cac hoat dng phn A4 trang 63
Phat Dia/ Doc cho HS nghe xem su tin doan cua HS co dung khng?

Tape transcripe:
Nga: Mai, should we go to the school cafeteria?
Mai: OK. Thats a great idea.
Nga: What about you, Nam?
Nam: Sorry. I have to rehearse for a play with the drama group.
Nga: Ba, do you want to join us?
Ba: Oh, no. I am going to the circus tonight with my family. Sorry.
Nga: How about you, Kien?
Kien: Id love to, but Im going to tidy the classroom for Miss Lien this evening.
Nga: OK. Would you like to come with us to the cafeteria, Lan?
Lan: Sorry, Im going to the movie theater. Have a good time. Bye.

Answer keys:
a) Mai go to the school cafeteria.
b) Nam rehearse a play.
c) Ba go to the circus.
d) Lan watch movie.
e) Kien tidy the classroom
D HET PHAN A Noi cac hoat dng sau gio hoc va su dung thanh thao cac trang
tu chi thuong xuyn o thi hin tai dn, va duoc n lai thi hin tai dn o lop 6
- Hoc cach dua ra cac cu d nghi
- Chung ta cung tim hiu ngn ngu Ting Anh nay