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House: Unknown because I dont know what is the energy

consumption of my family house nor my dormitory.

Flights: 0.74 tonnes: 6 x Economy class direct return flight

from IST to ADB (from Sabiha Gken to Adnan Menderes).

Cars and Motorbikes: Dont have any of them. Bus and Rail: 0.01 tonnes: 270 km travelled by coach.
0.03 tonnes: 180 km travelled by taxi.

Food Preferences: I eat a mix of red and white meat. Organic Produce: Some of the food I buy or grow is organic. In Season Food: I try to buy or grow some in season food. Imported foods and goods: I prefer to buy goods produced closer to home. Fashion: I buy new clothes when I need them. Packaging: I try to buy things with little packaging. Furniture and Electronics: I mostly buy new but generally keep things for more than 5 years. Recycling: Some of my waste is recycled. Recreation: I occasionally go out to places like movies, bars or restaurants. Car Manifacture: I dont own a car.

Finance and Other Services: I use the standard range of financial services.

Total Secondary Footprint: 4.31 tonnes. My Total Carbon Footprint: 5.09 tonnes. Personal Opinions:
Well when looked to the graphics, my total carbon footprint is one and a half of Turkeys average. And Turkeys average is a bit less than one and a half of the worlds target average too. They are not very bright results. I think, flights are an important fact in my results, 0,74 tonnes isnt a negligible quantity. But there are lots of people which flies more often or flies to other countries too. They probably have double or triple quantity of footprint which caused by flights, so I am not the worst case either. Most of the footprint comes from secondaries, it is clear. Well I am trying to do my best at them, but when we look to total it seems like it is not enough. I think if I were eating more vegetables(I am eating some but not often as meat so I chose the meat food preference) and recycling more wastes, results would be much lower. And maybe I can try to use public transportation more often. I can try to go to Izmir with bus to instead of plane too. I dont even have a car, I dont buy clothes which I dont need and I only buy new electronics when current one gets old and it dont function that good anymore. Well as a social human being I wont choose not to go movies and bars either.

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