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Confess Jesus, God’s Son

(John 1:19-34)

Not the Messiah, Elijah (Mal. 4:4-6) or the “Great Prophet” (Deut.18:15-19)

Not Elijah, but “in the spirit of” Elijah (Luke 1:15-17, Matt. 11:11-14)

God promised a savior and guide

Some people were/are seeking or awaiting Him.

The voice of one (Isa. 40:3-5)

One spark among the darkness, small, but not weak,

alone so soft in effect, but were there many,
so great a light would be, and so great a change.

(This is a short poem I wrote awhile back. The point is that one caring person who
is willing to obey God’s call, can, by the grace of God, be a powerful force for


Gk. Boao: to raise a cry of joy or pain, to speak with a high, strong voice,
to implore aid from.

Various Heart Conditions

Those who came to hear John came for various reasons. Some came out of a
genuine concern for their spiritual condition. Some were merely curious. Some
came primarily to find fault.

John called people to “make straight the way” to their hearts by genuine
repentance (Matt. 3:2).

John’s baptism was a symbolic act of repentance.

Directing people to Jesus (and acknowledging His supremacy)

He stood/stands among them/us, but is not recognized for who He is (John 1:26)

He is worthy of our reverence and service (John 1:27)

He pre-existed John, though he was born after him (John 1:30)

He will baptize with the Holy Spirit (John 1:33)

The Lamb

Where is the Lamb? (Gen. 22:7)

Who bears/takes away the sin of the world

Gk. Airo: to take upon oneself/raise/lift up and bear/carry

off/remove a heavy burden,