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JARGON BUSTER Some McDonald s terminology is unique to McDonald s.

To help you through this module and your first couple of shifts, we have put this jargon buster together. QSC&V Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value. Four critical areas we are famo us for which you will learn about as you progress through your training. UHC Universal Holding Cabinet used to hold cooked products such as Chicken N uggets before they are boxed and served. FIFO First in - First out which refers to the method used to ensure stock tha t was delivered first is used first - sometimes referred to as rotation. AMH Anti-microbial Handwash used to wash hands before handling food Archie Arch Fry Racker which dispenses frozen fries into baskets. CAYG Clean As You Go HOT Hand held order taker, a device used to take customers orders before they arrive at the counter. APC All Purpose Cleaner used for various cleaning jobs around the restaurant . Cutback The cleaning product and method used for cleaning the stainless steel, sometimes referred to as white powder SPW Shift Positioning Workbook used to list which station each person on shi ft will be working on. Station Refers to the area you will be working on. For example you could be working on grill station. Grill Slip If a customer orders a burger that is not standard, for example a Big Mac with no sauce it s called a grill order. A grill slip prints in the kitc hen to let them know to prepare the order. Walkers or Mckey Stock delivery TLC Think like a customer Walk-in Main fridge and freezer. SOC Station Observation Checklist used to assess your ability on a station. OPS Operational Procedure Sheet during training to explain station procedure s. Patty A chicken or meat patty that goes into the burgers. PPE Personal protective equipment provided to protect you when performing so me tasks e.g. wash-up or filtering of vats. Made For You Method of preparing food where each item is assembled as it is o rdered. Not all restaurants use the Made for You method. HLZ Heated Landing Zone where boxed and wrapped food is placed for front cou nter crew to serve in Made for You restaurants. Grill Direct The alternative method of preparing food where it is boxed and w rapped and placed in the production bin to be served Production Bin Where boxed and wrapped food is stored for up to 10 minutes in g rill direct restaurants.