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Rhea Nate ee Pn ae Insight into IELTS Extra with Answers OAS LL Updated Edition bid at DEAS S AR Mt OAS hw t kK (MBF 155 5 -aCBLIF 01 ~ 2004-0250 Pa ERRARE (CHP) RAE UNFRAMED 2/ HE) ASIEN! CJakceman, V.) , (HE) ZESEILAK (McDowell, C. ) 9s BARAT. — AGI DEES EFS tH MEAL 2003 ISBN 7 ~ $600 ~ 3839-5 L. Bh MW. Da O8 OFM, PERE, BE WV.H310.41 (BIG HS 5 OF CIP (2008 ) 8 103618 2 Insight into IELTS Eira with Answers by Vanessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell first published by Cambridge University Press 2003, updated edition 200 “This ection forthe People’s Republic of China is published by arraigement with the Pres Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge. United Kingdom. © Cambridge University Press & Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press 2003 ‘Thisbook in copwriht, No reproduction of any part may tke pla Without te writen permision of Cumbre University Press or Foreign Language Teaching and ‘Tai edtbn ony for nthe Peoples Rabi of Chie, exuding the Hong Kong and Maca SARS eI ELE SUF AC CR AUG 5 SEAM NSE A ABA TSE HU A A AS HWANE MT ye RED ARAL CEE A AO A OU AS A BT A TL Short SEB Sik RD BAT 2 (RTI) Vanessa Jakeman and Clare McDowell (38) 3% wit BREE: rh HALT: SIC di: Jac = RAL 19 5} (100089), tik: http://www. fltsp. com i: i EBL AHR ZS) A: 889X1194 1/16 10 a a 2004 1 AS 1 fhe 2004 SF 1 FS 1 IRENA ISBN 7 ~ 5600 ~ 3839 -5/G- 1894 21.9056 “Md RENDER Se FTE NN ETT RA AAA WUEEREMR ETE HEALTH (010)68917826 WCERERY ya NRL = (010)68917519