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“The Velvet Drive® “71” and"72" designations Inacate Input nersepower ranges. There ae two Direct dive versions of he in-Ine models ae. ‘equenty used on ngh norsefower, ight weIgnt basic confguratons of rarsmissions nthe 71 and boats. The reduction rato versons use an ad 72 retngs. The most popuar model is Me in-ine Uniting” indicates thatthe put and output ‘halts ofthe tanemision are onthe eae aie, Dimensions ve painron ‘easton Madea z Tie qos 3a 09 meno 583 (800 ‘Bet Ore odie * neuen Ba ee eed 53 rao ‘Model 716 0077 General information ‘rane Rate "0.158, ‘ioral planetary gear Seto allow the use of arger propellers for greater puling power at lower shaft pred, e ry eo asa eB amy ‘Soin So nace ers e198) Soo ata a € crs teas (oa aay 3 owes, St ace eas S00 Satan ‘stats eons nt ‘opr ey Wh i!) 3 ‘a Poort he story ‘ete (ostig) Aponmn e/g essen Si sh Service Classifications: Plenoure era Full hte Uses approximataly 9% 0! total turing tine. Typia! crulsing sat 60% or oss of ‘maximum rated engine speed. Engine uring te is 400 lores hours per year. Applications in boats designed ‘st plenmary lati one! ume tr conten ues, ach ae (cater boats or party isting boats, are considered ight uty commercial appicatiors. Light duty commercial: Ful vote used approximately 658% ef tetal runing time. Longer running peneds wit three sening at 75% or ess Of maxeTUm ‘ated engine Important Notes: ‘System torsionala: System related ness or vations ‘ean occur a ew engne speeds. They cen cause gear rattle and resut n damage 'o the boat engine as wall. fhe tarsmiesion Vavet Drive Tranemasions, a Dison 61 Regal Belt Gorperaton ie net responsible fr total syser-felated torsonais of is type. ‘Specifications: Al specications and descriptive sata shown are nominal and subjet fo change without notes. SERIES 71C (Assombly rumbers 1004 and 10:17) Classifications/Ratings ‘peed. Engine running tine Is up to 1500 hours por year. ght duty commercial applications include eport lcher- ‘man beats, pany ting Doats, crew Doals, search & ‘eccve boats, ard patol boas Honuy duty commercials Ful rote uted up approxmnatoly 9%! total rarning ine. Longe running fettods upto 80% of maximum rated ergne speed. Engine running ime is up to 2500 hours per yea. Heavy uy applications include towboats, heavy supply Boats, feries, and ofshore fisting tmwlers Lubrication: Dexron HE, Desron Ill ee any tanmssion ful which meets Detroit Diese: Alison G-4 speciation fare recommended for uso nll Velvet Drive® ansmssions Applications: hatching of engine, Wanamission mod, tranemiseoa rato and propeter aze i important The com: bination must alow the engina fo obtain maximum rea engine RPM. Spectic appicetions should ne reerracto Volst Drve® trnemiesionditrbutors for assistance SERIES 71C (Assembly numbers 10-08 and 10-17) ode! 720 Ratings: This model is broken into trae groups of atcomblos. Below are listed the Model 72S asserrbhes avaliable ‘and the proper set of rating chats applicable (0 each ‘assemby. Chats ae located on tack cover of ochre Aesonby No. Deserton Chart Applicable Assembly No. (chan folate “oosomam ———vorwe — 9:1alo 8 ‘oweanon a ‘tooamans = Vows 191 ratio & soipaooane 8 ‘oso = Vome | 240 tate ¢ ioweco ne 5 Toosomde = Yome | East ratio 3 ‘wiseanr 5 Joosomee = Vome att rae 3 opaar08 5 boson Vome 33:4 tale 3 owancory A Toosamo = Vome ait fale 3 iota Inte 2913 rato a Joosomors = Vome 12h ae 3 jonsonors intee Erate a SERIES 72¢ (Group A) SERIES 72C (Group A) (assembly numbors °0.05 an 10-8) (assembly number 1005 ard 10-8) Gasoline Ege Speed (Per 00 REM ‘Die! Ergne Sones Per OREN ‘SERIES 72€ (Group B) SERIES 72C (Group B) oF S245