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The Only Lady He Adores: Hailie

"If she had never been born, I would have nothing around me to make me truly happy",
Eminem expresses about his daughter. Hailie Jade Scott was born on December 25th,
1995. Hailie is Eminem’s little sunshine, and he wants to be the best father of the world
for his little daughter. As Eminem says in his song ("Saying Goodbye to Hollywood"),
"All I wanted was to give Hailie the life I never had". The birth of Hailie Jade increased
Eminem’s will to be a famous rapper, and his deepest wish is her to become an actress.
Eminem first used Hailie’s voice in the song "Bonnie and Clyde", when she was about
two years , and he did it again in his last album in the song "My Dad’s Gone Crazy".
Marshall is conscious of the fact that his lyrics don’t please some parents and he reminds
them that acts like a responsible father. The parents should be conscious that it’s their
principal task to educate their children. Knowing that clean versions of Eminem’s CD’s
exist, they could convince their children to buy clean versions until their old enough.


The concept of a "shock rapper".

Record producer Marky Bass remembers the first time he heard Marshall, who was 15 at
that time, doing freestyle. It was an unforgettable event for him. "He was amazing at that
age," recalled Bass about the artist now known as Eminem. "He combined a lot of triple-
tongue stuff with some of the best rhyming I'd ever heard. He was incredible." Marky
Bass became one of Eminem’s producers for his debut album "The Slim Shady LP".
Often accused of being racist, Eminem battles against racial discrimination in America.
He expresses this so clearly in "White America":" Let's do the math,I would’ve sold half
if I was Black, I ain't have to graduate from Lincoln high school to know that". Eminem
is very conscious of racial discrimination against Blacks in America (lower salaries, for
instance). In a former interview, Eminem talks about. He‘s also conscious that if Blacks
are sentenced, they’re sent to jail for a longer time than Whites. He‘s deeply convinced
that rap music is a solution for racial issues. It’ll help people to reunite .Are those words
of a racist? Look at Eminem carefully, and you will see that he’s fighting for our
fundamental rights. He speaks for all of us. If you don’t allow him to speak, that means
you’re against the principle of democracy. Always remember that Eminem grew up in the
black neighbourhood in Detroit.


D-12 has a thug style; it shows tough daily reality in Detroit .It describes Detroit as a dark
place where murder is the law. It also shows the whole dirtiness of what they call the
capital of crime: drugs, filth, guns. Detroit is often called "Amityville", a place full of
demons, blood, raping and dirty pimps with their prostitutes."

Birth of D-12. D-12 Members.

The Dirty Dozen are six emcees from Detroit (Michigan). Their names are: Eminem,
Bizarre, Proof, Swift, Kon Artis and Kuniva. Each member has his alter ego, so that
makes a dozen. Proof, Eminem’s best friend had the idea of making a rap group in which
each member had an alter ego. The members Deshaun Holton (a.k.a Proof a.k.a Dirty
Harry); Rufus Johnson (a.k.a Bizarre a.k.a Peter S.Bizarre); O. Moore (a.k.a Swifty Mc
Vay); Von Carlisle (a.k.a Hannz G. a.k.a Kuniva); and Slim Shady a.k.a Eminem a.k.a
Marshall Mathers are all known separately for their talent. The group was founded by
Bizarre and Proof in 1990, but it only became a complete group when Proof brought a
white M.C called Eminem into the group, and Swifty.

Bugz (who died in 1999).The first time Proof introduced Eminem to Kon Artis, he was
very surprised: “Hmm, what’s the f…? White boy at my door!” But within two months
they were all rhyming together.

Eminem was writing the rhymes and Kon Artis made the beats. Bizarre says that
Marshall’s race wasn’t really a novelty on the 7 Mile Eastside. In fact there were many
other whites living in the black neighbourhood .The D-12 members never saw Eminem
just as a white boy. “That nigga ain’t white”, Kon Artis says about his friend.” He got
white in him, but he ain’t white. “To the D-12 crew the word ‘nigga’ isn’t negative.”

Eminem showed his loyalty to the group when he went famous: the first to become
famous was supposed to come back to the others, and he was the first to go to the top .He
says: “Aside from everything, aside from all the bullshit ,I know I’ve got a good heart, I
know where my loyalty is. Pretty much all the guys in the group have told me that they
never doubted me (coming back for them) because that was our pact from way back,
from when we first started the group 5 years ago.”

“The D-12 crew was including the M.C Bugz (whose real name was Karnail Paul Pitts),
who was shot on May the 21st in 1999 at Detroit’s Belle Island amusement park (*)
.Eminem talks about the circumstances of his death: ‘He got shot in the face twice, then
run over by a car It was over some stupid shit. He wetted this girl with a water gun and
these dudes came over and got their revenge.’ (*)

Each D12- member has a tattoo on his forearm to remember him. He was respected in the
hip hop scene and was familiar with Swift, whom he brought into the group. Swift
remembers:” Me and Bugz rapped together, laughed and got drunk together; He’s still
with us, tough. Before we go on stage, we pray and he’s right there, over us.” “He had a
big influence on us. Bugz had a lot of energy and a lot of respect in the hip hop scene. He
was cool to everybody.” Bizarre says. Bugz was only 21 years old when he died. Before
he died, he wanted Swift to be a member of the group and the D-12 members respected
his wish and brought Swifty into the group. Bugz was supposed to perform on Friday,
May the 28th, for a show in Grand Rapids (Michigan) on an Eminem tour, but he never
appeared on the show .On Saturday, the sad news reached the D-12 members. The tragic
death of Bugz increased the group’s determination to make an LP.

Impressions from “8 Mile”

Eminem’s authenticity, his great charisma, his talent as an actor appears clearly in the
movie, even if the story is partly fictional. He brings the spectator in his world, in his
struggle for recognition as a white rapper in his lyrical battles. His high level of skills
always manages to impress his audience. He also shows his anxiousness and his
vulnerability. In the beginning of the movie, he is too anxious and stressed to bring out
one syllable. But when he opens his mouth at the end of the movie, the audience stands
on his side. Jimmy Rabbit shows what his levels of skills are. He shuts his enemies down,
he kills them lyrically on his mic and the whole audience support him. The lyrical battles
are one of the most important components of the movie: this aspect refers to Eminem’s
former life when he was rapping on the local scene in Detroit. It shows how difficult it
was for him to be accepted by a mainly black audience


The Roots of Rap

Rap is a popular form of African-American pop music of the late 70’s, the80’s and
90’s.You can find the origins of rap in funky music, but also in reggae music.
Antecedents of rap can also be found in rock ’n roll, blues, even spoken passages of
sanctified prose in gospel music, in funky music R& B, disco. James Brown can be seen
as the forefather in his use of funky rhythms. Many rappers have used samples of James
Brown. The majority of rappers came from New York, from Brooklyn or from the Bronx,
where a large Jamaican community used to live (D. J Kool Herc was the first). In the
beginning, the "D.J’s" (discjokeys) had to show their talent with two "turntables" by
mixing two different records and combine this with the "scratching" effect. Then they
added the spoken part of the D.J’s in order to greet the new guests. It was called "call and
response". As their spoken part became bigger and bigger, they introduced a second
person into the game: the Master Of Ceremony (M.C).The ability of the M.C to rhyme
very fast became an important component of this music. He was supposed to be "posing",
that means showing himself as his best and showing his great ability to battle with the
best rhymes. He was also supposed to "dis" (disrespect) his rivals by any means. Later,
the M.C was supposed to tell a story to his public, like the conditions of life in the ghetto,
gun and sex stories, street stories. The man pictured by the M.C was a kind of hero, a
survivor who went through the worst, the kind of guy who hates women and
homosexuals. The hatred of women and gays in rap lyrics wasn’t Eminem’s invention. A
lyrical fight between two emcees was called "freestyle". The first well known rap stars
from the old school were Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash .The early rap rhythms
were composed of slangy spoken rhymes accompanied by bass and percussion groves.
They were more monotonous than the modern rap rhymes and slower too. .They
continued to be widespread, because of the influence of "Sugar Hill Gang". Grandmaster
flash’s single "The Message" had also a massive impact, and rap couldn’t be ignored any
longer. It has become part of a new music style, a new kind of expression.

In the beginning, rap music was confronted to the hostility of many of the White listeners,
but it found a real audience among the African-American poor working class. Rap had
become the poetry of the streets .It showed the reality of the ghetto. Kurtis Blow and the
"Fat Boys", who belong to the old school, had a major influence. It must be understood
that hip hop is a reflection of ghetto life, even if that reality sounds harsh. It’s made of
violence, sex and drug tales, but that’s just the way it is. You cannot escape from that
reality; it comes to you and shocks your eyes and your ears. Don’t be so sensitive: that’s
real life in the ghetto .Black people try to show, through this hard shock with reality, that
they’re fighting against discrimination. They use the 1st Amendment of the Constitution
and push their freedom of speech to its limits, which is the foundation of democracy. You
can’t defend your rights without showing the cruel reality of ghetto life. You have to talk
about this if you want things to change. That’s why rap should be looked at in a spirit of

Nowadays, the racism of the white structure is more hidden than it was in the
60’s.Political rappers fight against the racism and the corruption of the government .The
group "Gangstarr” is well know for criticizing the government hypocritical attitude, the
treatment of black people, the school system. The song "Conspiracy" shows those

"That's why corrupt governments kill innocent people

With chemical warfare, they created crack and AIDS
Got the public thinking these were things black folk made
And every time there's violence in the media
Usually it's a black thing so where are they leading ya"

Chuck D, leader of Public Enemy‘s goal is to fight racial politics. This goal appears
clearly in his song "Fight the Power". "Fight the Power" is of course supposed to be
political and shows a critic of the government which offers no real solution to the ghetto
people who are daily confronted to guns ,crack ,poverty and violence.

Each kid from the ghetto can easily connect to this song. Public Enemy’s message is
"bombing the government" and shows that the power can be fought .This idea are
revolutionary, because it offers a new kind of attitude to the ghetto people .It’s a strong
message for political engagement, it’s also a constant fight against racism.

The constant anger that is expressed unites fighting under classes. Public Enemy acted as
the leaders of a social movement, they told people to revolt against the lack of social
progress. Chuck D. also attacks the American idols like Elvis and John Wayne. Chuck D
feels excluded from the American culture, like most Blacks do. People who fought for
their rights are not on the official stamps